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Zine Libraries: A Source of Design Inspiration

For designers looking to step outside the box, enter a zine library, Julia Lipscomb reports.

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The Working Assembly
This New York–based design firm encapsulates its clients’ passion in its work.
Features / Design

Big on concept, this San Francisco–based design firm fills its integrated campaigns to the brim with character.

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Dear Book

Wendy Richmond explores the memories proffered by personal libraries.

What We're Reading
Brigitte Daisy on what it actually means to be a designer-storyteller. James Turner wants your brilliant ideas that have nowhere to go. Helvetica: Sarah Hyndman on the invisible typeface that became a mascot for disruption. Get this in my inbox
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Five Photographers Share Their Treasured Finds
Christine Hahn, Paul Octavious, Jessica Zollman, Pari Dukovic and Helena Price share what inspires them.
Columns / Design Culture

What Artists Know

Wendy Richmond encourages artists to understand their importance in society.

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