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The Flat-Lay on Knolling

Monica Kass Rogers celebrates the return of a layout technique and its influence on photography.

Fresh / Illustration
Kate O’Hara
This Reno, Nevada–based illustrator takes dark, disturbing themes and makes them beautiful.
Features / Design
Serial Cut
Based in Madrid, Spain, this digital studio has created a visual language uniquely its own.
Columns / Advertising

The Creativity Plague

Is creativity a virus? Ernie Schenck explores the quarantine on outside-the-box thinking.

What We're Reading
Anne Trubek on why handwriting just doesn’t matter anymore.  SapientNitro’s Neil Cooper says web design is losing its soul to “vacuous, soulless containers.” How to design words. From a writer who hates to read. Get this in my inbox
Favorites / Photography
Five Photographers Share Their Treasured Finds
Beatrice Heydiri, Adam Ryan Morris, Rachelle Simoneau, Brett Warren and Nikki Ormerod share their favorite photography tools and inspiration.
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The Little Assignment That Could

All projects can be winners, and you should treat each one as such, Dave Kuhl argues.

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