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Story Art: Karen Alsop’s Fantastical Photographic Narratives
Photographer Karen Alsop creates pictures that tell incredible stories.
Fresh / Illustration
Andrea Mongia
This Rome, Italy–based illustrator discusses the practice behind his work and his cofounding of the illustration collective Studio Pilar. 
Features / Design
studio fnt

Minimalism, playfulness and high concepts abound in this Seoul-based studio’s designs.

Columns / Design Culture

What Artists Know

Wendy Richmond encourages artists to understand their importance in society.

What We're Reading
Emily Gosling on design + drinking—part of agency culture, or party over? Susan Credle asks, if advertising is going into the content business, who will take care of the brands?  Lean and mean: Marina Yalanska on the power of minimalism in UI design. Get this in my inbox
Favorites / Illustration
Five Illustrators Share Their Treasured Finds
Esther Pearl Watson, Tuna Bora, Dadu Shin, Simone Noronha and Keith Negley share their favorite illustration tools.
Columns / Advertising

The Worry Question

Ernie Schenck asks educators a hard question: Where is advertising going?

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