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New Legibility Designs
Creating legible fonts for small screens is no easy feat, as Allan Halley reveals.
Fresh / Design
Sarah Kahn
Experimentation beats at the heart of this New York–based designer’s work.
Features / Photography
Sarah Wilmer
Surreal, cinematic work springs from the depths of this New York–based photographer’s imagination.
Columns / Design Culture

Medusa Is My Armor

Wendy Richmond discusses how art offers protection from life's complications.

What We're Reading
Anne Quito on the despised hipster aesthetic colonizing the planet. The Future 100: Trends and change to watch in 2017, from JWT Intelligence. How graphic design legend Louise Fili became “the envy of every designer.” Get this in my inbox
Favorites / Advertising
Five Ad Creatives Share Their Treasured Finds
Laura Rogers, Caio Lazzuri, Leigh Reyes, Magnus Hierta and Daniel Pradilla share what inspires them.
Columns / Advertising

The Pyramid Gets Smaller

Ernie Schenck imparts his advice on how to stay at the top of the ad industry.

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