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An accomplished creative director breaks free with a small, selective new agency in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Announcing the winners of Communication Arts' Interactive Annual 2014: Our distinguished panel of jurors selected 38 winning projects from 1333 entries.


This simple but powerful web documentary tells of a Cold War-era clash of cultures in the northern Greenland town of ... more

Aldo Cundari, Chairman and CEO of Cundari Group Ltd., explains the process and value of branding geographical locations.

Sam McMillan charts the rise of the infographic with three masters of the form.

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2014 Interactive Annual : FEATURED PROJECT

They say you're most proud of home when you're somewhere else, and Molson Canadian brewery set out to prove it in ... more

Christian Buer/Joel Holtby/Vince Tassone, art directors Matt Antonello/Mike Dubrick/Aaron Starkman/Dave Thornhill, writers Mike Dubrick, associate creative director Ian Grais/Dre Labre/Chris Staples/Aaron Starkman, creative directors Leah Gregg/Darren Yada, ... more

Today's exhibit

SurfEasy subway posters SurfEasy makes a unique plug-and-play Internet privacy app. Turning people ... more

exhibit   04.16.14

Ponysaurus beer identity The brand identity for the new Ponysaurus Brewing Co. was designed to ... more

exhibit   04.15.14

Sissy Boy print ads Dutch fashion and lifestyle brand Sissy-Boy is embarking on a huge shift in ... more

fresh   04.14.14

Perky Bros. Design firm / Nashville, Tennessee   “Coming from a small town in Tennessee, I learned a ... more

exhibit   04.14.14

Lights On spot for Walmart American manufacturing comes back to life, both literally and ... more

exhibit   04.11.14

Rights of Way: Mobility and the City exhibition Our urban environment is the result of constant ... more