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The Changing Face of Design

Three programs that start teenagers on the path to careers in design.

Fresh / Illustration
Lili des Bellons
The Parisian illustrator’s dynamic style belies his minimal workspace.
Features / Design
The Made Shop
Never shying away from experimentation, this Denver-based design firm also nurtures a burgeoning community.
Columns / Advertising

I Don’t Believe in Anything

As Ernie Schenck writes, creative workers should stay open to every possibility—even the possibility that they’re wrong.

What We're Reading
The future of design (and how to prepare for it). Blue State Digital's Matt Ipcar on the real impact of election campaign design. The plight of the indie artist: When imitation is not the sincerest form of flattery. Get this in my inbox
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Five Photographers Share Their Treasured Finds
Beatrice Heydiri, Adam Ryan Morris, Rachelle Simoneau, Brett Warren and Nikki Ormerod share their favorite photography tools and inspiration.
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Has Design Become Too Hard?

Jeffrey Zeldman answers the question—Have web and interaction design become too difficult?

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