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2015 Illustration Annual

Although 4,305 submissions to this year’s Illustration Competition is comparable to the number we received last year, there was a marked increase in winners in the Advertising and Book categories and a decrease in projects making the cut in Institutional and Self-Promotion. The new Student category noticeably offset the number of entries submitted in the Unpublished category. Fortunately, international representation is up this year, with selections from sixteen countries, including Colombia, Hungary and India.

“The high level of conceptual thinking and execution impressed me,” said juror Kenna Kay. “I was pleased to see so much good illustration commissioned by advertisers, and I was also encouraged to see many pieces entered by international illustrators.”

“The best stuff I saw was from more established illustrators, but a couple of people I wasn’t familiar with caught my eye,” said juror Darhil Crooks. “I wrote down their names.”

"I was very impressed with the submissions this year, from unexpected mediums to simple, strong concepts to timeless, well-crafted pieces. "
— Jim Root
Meet the Jury
Kristine Brogno
Chronicle Books Children’s Publishing
Darhil Crooks
The Atlantic
Kenna Kay
creative director
Edel Rodriguez
Jim Root
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2015 Illustration Annual

This year our distinguished panel of jurors selected 163 winning projects from 4305 entries.


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2015 Illustration Annual : FEATURED PROJECT

Portrait of the late French writer Jean Genet. 9 1/2 x 12 1/4, ink, gouache and watercolor on paper.

Edward Kinsella, illustrator Jordan Awan, art director The New Yorker, client