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2015 Design Annual

This year, design entries were up 12 percent over last year’s competition—there were 4,083. Although the addition of a student category accounted for three-fourths of the increase, we were surprised by the uptick in submissions to the brochure and company literature categories, which had been in steady decline for several years. We also saw more entries in business papers (another surprise), posters, packaging and public service work.

“I appreciated having the opportunity to review a great amount of work across a wide variety of categories,” juror Kelly Bjork says. “It was fascinating to see design trends surface. I enjoyed the privileged perspective.”

Speaking of trends: “It’s exciting to see designers push toward the extremes of any given look,” juror Jay Fletcher says. “Minimal design is becoming even more simplistic, and ornate design is becoming even more intricate.”

"More and more designers are crafting truly beautiful work, but the work that stood out in any given category was different or smart or—in the best cases—both."
— Jay Fletcher
Meet the Jury
Kelly  Bjork
VSA Partners
Dora Drimalas
Hybrid Design
Jay Fletcher
J Fletcher Design
Steven Watson
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2015 Design Annual

This year our distinguished panel of jurors selected 153 winning projects from 4083 entries.


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2015 Design Annual : FEATURED PROJECT

"Humble Coffee Company is dedicated to making great coffee in an inviting, yet simple environment. Our branding work ... more

Lauren Griffin/Tim McGrath, designers Sam Maclay, creative director 3 Advertising (Albuquerque, NM), design firm Humble Coffee Company, client