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2014 Advertising Annual

We received 3,784 entries to this year’s Advertising Competition. Although we saw fewer television commercial entries, the number of video-based entries we received across all categories actually exceeded the previous year—driven primarily by an increase in online videos.

“As with all ad competitions now, there was far more conceptual quality in moving film—[showcasing] the rich storytelling aspects of our business,” juror Bill Oakley said.

“Despite the proliferation of platforms and fragmentation of messaging, at the end of the day, it’s still clearly about storytelling,” juror Jim Elliott said. “That’s comforting, because it proves that the art of what we do is still about great ideas married to an entertaining, engaging story.”

When observing the variety of digital media entries, juror Dave Damman said, “The promise that it can be anything and anywhere has finally come true, which means a clean, simple, relevant, engaging idea is more important than ever.”

"Some [entries] made me laugh. Some made me think. Some made me cringe. In the end, the ones that told a compelling story rose to the top."
— Molly Scanlon
Meet the Jury
Joe Alexander
The Martin Agency
Dave Damman
Carmichael Lynch
Jim Elliott
Y&R, New York
Addie Gillespie
DARE Vancouver
Bill Oakley
TM Advertising
Molly Scanlon
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2014 Advertising Annual : FEATURED PROJECT

"ExFEARiential" 2:45 "Riots. Muggings. Babynappings. We'll do anything to get your brand noticed—with ExFEARiential."

Kyle Lamb, art director Kurt Mills, writer Kyle Lamb/Kurt Mills, associate creative directors Chris Hirsch/Nellie Kim, creative directors Stephen Jurisic/Angus Tucker, executive creative directors Tom Briggs, designer Bob Lyte, director of photography Chris Murphy, editor Relish, editorial company Vapor Music, music company Jono Hunter, ... more