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2014 Interactive Annual

While the number of mobile and tablet app and interactive installation submissions grew this year, websites and microsites still comprised over half of the 1,333 entries we received for our 2014 Interactive Annual. Considering the exponential growth of mobile web browsing, it will be interesting to see the consequential evolution of the “traditional web” in future competitions.

“We saw a lot of rich, cinematic, high-production-value microsites that look like they were done in Flash,” juror Troy Lachance said. “I think it proves people love great stories and experiences, regardless of the technology or medium used to build them. The cinematic microsite isn’t dead after all, despite all the preaching from responsive web evangelists.”

“It seemed like a lot of the projects are relying on HTML5, which is no surprise due to the increased importance of multi-device executions,” juror Dustin Callif said. “The biggest difference this year is that the HTML5 executions are getting more elegant with transitions, animations and interactive video.”

“I was most impressed when a team was able to make something engaging regardless of the device it was being viewed on,” said juror Sean Klassen. “This was only done extraordinarily well on a few occasions, and for good reason. It’s extremely difficult to pull off.”

"Content will always be king, but when you pair that with attention to detail, you have something really special."
— Sean Klassen
Meet the Jury
Dustin Callif
Tool of North America
Kris Kiger
Sean Klassen
Legwork Studios
Troy Lachance
Ana Serrano
Canadian Film Centre
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2014 Interactive Annual

This year our distinguished panel of jurors selected 38 winning projects from 1333 entries.


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