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2015 Typography Annual

This year’s Typography Annual includes several firsts. For the first time, selection required a unanimous vote, a testament to the quality of submissions and the enthusiasm of our jury. Also for the first time, student work was welcomed to the competition, in its own category. Again, the level of quality was high, and the judges awarded 19 student projects a place among the 140 total projects selected.

“The work entered was really quite good,” juror Juan Carlos Pagan said. “I found myself more than pleased with many of the entries.” Juror John Clark added, “I was surprised to see so much original work in typeface design and in packaging.”

Compared with previous typography competitions, this annual features an increased use of custom letterforms and hand lettering. Also in contrast to the last several years, where we saw the frequent use of just a handful of popular typefaces, you’ll see a greater variety of typefaces in use. In fact, out of the 119 typefaces featured in this year’s annual, only 5 are used twice.

"The entries in packaging were excellent. It very quickly became clear that we were looking for truly groundbreaking work."
— Laura Worthington
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2015 Typography Annual

This year our distinguished panel of jurors selected 140 winning projects from 1811 entries.


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2015 Typography Annual : FEATURED PROJECT

“FontShop approached me to develop a concept for its 25th birthday celebration at TYPO Berlin’s conference in 2014. ... more

Martina Flor, Martina Flor Studio (Berlin, Germany), letterer Claudia Guminsky, FontShop International GmbH, project manager FontShop International GmbH, client