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2004 Design Annual

We received 11,819 entries to this year’s Design Annual, down just slightly from the previous two years. That said, this was still a sizable show that impressed the judges in its variety. “I was pleasantly surprised by the wide array of styles of work,” said Drew Davies of Oxide Design Co. in Omaha, Nebraska. “The entries displayed a great showcase for the huge number of visual ways in which you can go about conveying a message.” “I was happy to see quite a few pieces outside of the editorial category using illustration,” said David Plunkert of Spur Design in Baltimore, Maryland. “Illustration tends to warm up an otherwise cold piece of corporate communication.” When asked about innovations this year, most judges were in agreement that economic conditions are still making clients cautious, although David Bates of BC Design in Seattle, Washington, saw new directions in motion graphics. “This was the stuff that I felt design was made for... pure, visual stimulation,” he said. “I can’t wait to see what the future brings to this segment of design. It may be that we (designers) will all need to offer this in order to be considered true designers.” How can the design profession improve its image with clients? Jurors’ responses were forceful. “This will only happen when designers can put forth better ideas than they are doing currently. Most designers now are only business decorators not collaborators,” said David Stoyan Wooters of Stoyan Design in Costa Mesa, California.

"Design as a strategy, probably provides the highest value at the lowest cost to any business. We need to learn to think of Design as an asset. "
— Paula Savage
Meet the Jury
David Bates
BC Design
Drew Davies
Oxide Design Co
Jennifer Jerde
Elixer Design
David  Plunkert
Spur Design
Paula Savage
Savage Design Group
Curt  Schreiber
VSA Partners
Barbara  Woolley
Hambly & Wolley Inc.
David Stoyan Wooters
Stoyan Design
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2004 Design Annual

This year our distinguished panel of jurors selected 243 winning projects from 11819 entries.


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2004 Design Annual : FEATURED PROJECT

"Since 1948, Heath Ceramics has manufactured fine dinnerware and architectural tile. Heath's new owners wished to ... more

Adam Brodsley/Eric Heiman/Christine Leventis, designers Adam Brodsley/Eric Heiman, creative directors Renée Getsey, photographer Volume Design, Inc. (San Francisco, CA), design firm Heath Ceramics, client