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2005 Photography Annual

Entries to this year’s Photography Annual jumped 8.5% to 9,328—in line with pre-recession levels. When looking over this year’s selection, several judges commented on a perceptible shift in the work. “I was surprised that the biggest proportion of good work was art photography. I expected more of a balance with photojournalism,” said juror Connie Phelps. Juror Dominique Malaterre concurred, “It’s a strong sign that the borders between commercial art and fine art are blurred.” Juror Scott Dadich liked some of the work that had some of the color drained from it. “They were obviously manipulated in post, but I thought to good effect—especially some of the work in landscape and travel photography.” Juror Sakol Mongkolkasetarin was surprised by the amount of entries in the advertising category that used a lot of digital work. “I would hope future photographers will know their rich history and not disregard it as they experiment with filters in Photoshop,” he said. When asked where the field is going, Dadich replied, “I think we’re seeing a little more overlap into the world of illustration as photography becomes more inextricably tied to digital processes.”

"Interesting pictures capture a curious or unusual thing. Excellent photographs, on the other hand, capture a thing in a curious or unusual way."
— Stephen Doyle
Meet the Jury
Scott Dadich
Texas Monthly
Stephen Doyle
Doyle Partners
Constance Phelps
National Geographic magazine
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2005 Photography Annual

This year our distinguished panel of jurors selected 189 winning projects from 9328 entries.


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2005 Photography Annual : FEATURED PROJECT

Headline: Stanfield's. The underwear for out there. This photograph of an Arctic fjord was used in an outdoor ... more

Peter Leverman,, photographer Francois Giroux/Neil McCulloch, art directors Mark Tyler, Stir Image Editing, retoucher SGCI, ad agency Stanfield's, client