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2005 Advertising Annual

This year’s Advertising Annual reflects the changes in the industry with substantial growth in online advertising, integrated campaigns and broadcast media. The only drop we registered was in traditional print media. But even this category showed innovation in creative media buys and positioning. “The sheer number of entries was a shocker,” said Guy Seese of Seattle, Washington-based Cole & Weber/Red Cell. “Even the number of entries that made it into the finals was significant. And the reprint quality from São Paulo and Singapore was extraordinary.” “I was surprised how the television production values between the big budget national advertisers and the small local retailer has been bridged,” added Isidoro DeBellis of Berlin Cameron/Red Cell in New York, New York. “I was excited to see some of the interactive work, and inspired by its humor and storytelling,” said Tom Moudry of Martin|Williams in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Not all jurors comments were without some justifiable criticism. “The Internet is still the weak sister in many campaigns and after listening to all the radio, I realize we no longer know how to use that medium either,” said Lisa Francilia of TBWA Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. “I continue to be disappointed in the number of pee-pee jokes and puerile naughtiness that is substituted for an idea,” said Luke Sullivan of GSD&M in Austin, Texas. “Such a tone works for about one in a trillion products. Vulgarity is probably best left for open-mike night at the clubs.”

"Creative people who have the skills to capture the public’s attention and communicate effectively across a host of platforms are more important than ever."
— Rob Siltanen
Meet the Jury
Isidoro DeBellis
Berlin Cameron/Red Cell
Tom Moudry
Guy Seese
Cole & Weber/Red Cell
Rob   Siltanen
Siltanen & Partners Advertising
Carolyn Hadlock
Young and Laramore advertising
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2005 Advertising Annual

This year our distinguished panel of jurors selected 184 winning projects from 10885 entries.


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2005 Advertising Annual : FEATURED PROJECT

Brian Capel/Tan Chee Keong, art directors Donevan Chew, writer Alex Lim/Chan Lee Shon, creative directors Allen Dang, photographer Simon Ong, digital imaging Leo Burnett, Sdn. Bhd. (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia), ad agency PetsUnite, Pet Tracking System, client