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2006 Illustration Annual

We received 5,496 entries to this year’s Illustration Annual, a slight drop from the previous year. We also added animation as a new category and four projects were selected for inclusion. “My overall impression of the entries was very positive, they reminded me of how a good illustration can be boundless, the only limit is the imagination of the illustrator,” said juror Hollis A. King. “The editorial section had the most interesting pieces, but it could just be that’s the world I live in,” said juror Joe Kimberling. “Sadly, we’re seeing less and less illustration being used in editorial.” When asked what they saw, juror Judi Oyama replied, “Back to its roots, hands-on drawing and painting with pencil, pen and a paint brush. Slower, more personal interpretations of imagery.” “More and more illustrators are merging hand and computer skills,” King said. “In the successful amalgamations, you do not think about the tools. In the unsuccessful ones, all you think about is the computer.”

"Don’t try to do art just to please some art director. I think you might be surprised at what we like."
— Judi Oyama
Meet the Jury
Irene Gallo
Tor/Forge/Starscape Books
Hollis A. King
Verve Music Group
Joe  Kimberling
Los Angeles magazine
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2006 Illustration Annual

This year our distinguished panel of jurors selected 241 winning projects from 5496 entries.


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2006 Illustration Annual : FEATURED PROJECT

Cover of Leonardo da Vinci by Kathleen Krull. 11 x 15, mixed media on paper.

Boris Kulikov, illustrator Denise Cronin, art director Jim Hoover, designer Viking, A Division of Penguin Young Readers Group, client