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2008 Photography Annual

With just under 8,500 entries, this year’s photography competition was slightly smaller than last year and, as usual, was a compelling visual depiction of the past year’s events. “The war, the economy, the social and political issues that we face as a nation and as a world provided the most interesting content,” said juror Travis Olson. “There were a lot of abstract images, some with experimentation that you typically only see in fine-art photography,” said juror Kwaku Alston. “It was refreshing to see so much black-and-white work within the editorial submissions and the number of photographers utilizing ‘print-on-demand’ technology to submit work in the books category,” added juror Mary Virginia Swanson. “I’m pleased to see so many professional photographers spending some of their time exploring personal work and alternative and historical photographic processes—the history of photography is a great source of inspiration!” When asked about the future, Alston felt photography will encompass more multimedia. “All imagery is going to end up on a small handheld device and will have to capture attention using sound and video,” he said.

"Photography is our global language, a tool for understanding and a tool for expression."
— Mary Virginia Swanson
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2008 Photography Annual

This year our distinguished panel of jurors selected 156 winning projects from 8432 entries.


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2008 Photography Annual : FEATURED PROJECT

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Christopher Morris, photographer Arthur Hochstein, art director Thomas M. Miller, senior art director Leslie dela Vega, associate picture editor Hillary Raskin, deputy picture editor Alice Gabriner, picture editor MaryAnne Golon, director of photography Time, client