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2009 Photography Annual

The best photography of the past year was chosen by our distinguished jury and reflects current trends in this ever-evolving industry. We saw a slight increase in entries to this year's Photography Annual, undoubtedly helped by our online competition system that gives entrants the option to upload digital entries directly from their computers. Consequently, over 90 percent of the entries were received digitally.

Juror Matt Rollins was amazed at how obvious the great work stood out. "There were thousands of beautiful images, but some just reached out and grabbed me with their depth, their energy, their humanity and their narrative," he said. "I found the variety of work and ideas to be fascinating," said juror David Griffin. "The level of post-production polish on many of the best images was impressive.”

Several jurors cited a departure from what they traditionally thought of as photography. "Many images seemed to be more like illustrations that utilize photography as a tool, rather than images composed inside a camera," juror Diana Koenigsberg said. "I come from a strictly documentary world, so I am not used to seeing so much fabricated work," added Griffin.

As the field continues to evolve, several jurors remain optimistic about photography's future. "We will continue to be inspired by beautiful images," juror Frank Dattalo said. "The great photographers stay relevant by embracing technology to help them create inspiring photographs." Koenigsberg added, "Regardless of the photographic methods people chose to employ now and in the future, what will remain the same is that authenticity and originality make compelling images."

"The field of photography is undergoing a period of dramatic technical change that alters the creative and professional experience for all who practice the craft."
— Diana Koenigsberg
Meet the Jury
Frank Dattalo
Energy BBDO
David Griffin
National Geographic
Diana Koenigsberg
Matt Rollins
Mine Suda
powerHouse Books
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2009 Photography Annual

This year our distinguished panel of jurors selected 157 winning projects from 8612 entries.


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Callie Shell, Aurora Photos, photographer Arthur Hochstein/D.W. Pine, art directors Leslie dela Vega, associate picture editor Alice Gabriner, picture editor Time, client