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2012 Typography Annual

We received 1,723 entries to our second Typography Annual, less than our inaugural competition, but probably a more accurate reflection of the quantity of work produced in a single year. Again, we were pleased with the international nature of the submissions, especially in the typeface category, and the inclusion of several non-Latin typefaces.

"In general, I really enjoyed most of the work," said juror Tiffany Wardle de Sousa. "For me it was important to consider each project separately because viewed as a whole I sensed a sameness."

That sameness might best be explained by identifying the most common visual trends. "The lock-up look was a prevailing theme," juror Erik Spiekermann said. "Pages were full, and if it wasn't the page, then a shape was filled with type. From clouds to trees, everything served as a lock-up for letters."

Juror Richard Kegler added, "the 'handmade' and retro pastiche have really become a major trend. The lack of actual type vs handlettering was surprising. "

In closing, Wardle de Sousa offered this: "Typography is typography, no matter the media. Hopefully the technology innovators will always keep the rules of typography in mind as they create. "

"The state of typography has always been a good indicator of the general state of affairs. The trends were all pointing back in time, pastiche being the operative word, nostalgia the main trend."
— Erik Spiekermann
Meet the Jury
Richard Kegler
P22 type foundry
Erik Spiekermann
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2012 Typography Annual

This year our distinguished panel of jurors selected 150 winning projects from 1723 entries.


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2012 Typography Annual : FEATURED PROJECT

"It's easy to find sans serif typefaces with multiple widths and weights, but large serif families are much less ... more

Lukasz Dziedzic, designer FontFont (Berlin, Germany), foundry