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2012 Illustration Annual

The entries we received to this year's competition were on par with last year. Besides a few more animation pieces than last year, the editorial category had the most submissions we've seen in years, debunking the "print is dead" myth.

"Overall, I was impressed with the amount of great work there is out there," juror Paul Gonzales said. "It made the judging process challenging, but more exciting. So, when someone is picked to be in the Annual, they should be aware of what an honor it truly is."

"I saw some very good work from illustrators I wasn't familiar with," juror SooJin Buzelli said. "I'm looking forward to the printed annual so I can get their names and check out more of their work."

"A feeling of freshness popped up most often around the editorial pieces," juror Jill Breitbarth said. "Many editorial concepts were drawn in successful ways. A quick look was all that was needed to convey complex ideas, including those around mental illness. There were some real coups."

"One of the directions the field of illustration could be headed is 'motion illustration,'" Gonzales said. "This is not necessarily animation, but movement that will further engage readers in the world of interactive electronic publications."

"We live in a more visually-aware culture than we did ten years ago (hard to tell where one renaissance of illustration leaves off and the next one begins)," juror Scott McKowen said. "The bar just keeps getting raised."

"Illustration is exploding. I see more commercials and products using illustration across the board."
— SooJin Buzelli
Meet the Jury
Jill Breitbarth
Harvard University Press
SooJin Buzelli
Asset International
Paul Gonzales
Los Angeles Times
Scott McKowen
Punch & Judy Inc
James Zucco
Barrie D'Rozario Murphy
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2012 Illustration Annual

This year our distinguished panel of jurors selected 176 winning projects from 4051 entries.


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2012 Illustration Annual : FEATURED PROJECT

"This illustration appeared in the June 2011 Australian Literary Review supplement of the national newspaper The ... more

Tom Jellett, illustrator Luke Slattery, editor News Limited, publisher Australian Literary Review, client