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2013 Illustration Annual

Submissions for this year’s Illustration Annual were up 14.4 percent over last year, with registered gains most notably in the Advertising and For Sale categories.

“Even at the brisk pace we were keeping in the judging process, it was evident that quite a lot of the work was structured around very apt expressions of concepts, arguments or observations; and not always in expected ways,” said juror Tim J Luddy. “As more of our visual input comes from smartphones, I wonder whether there is a growing appreciation for work commissioned for print that is perhaps a more subtle, but richer conceptual experience.”

“The field this year exhibited a high level of craftsmanship,” said juror Chris von Ende. “Some work rose to the top based on its originality, while other pieces were skillfully executed in a more traditional manner.”

“Illustration and design are merging,” juror Chad Beckerman said. “Illustrators are becoming designers and designers illustrators. It’s a natural progression and one that will help keep both fields vital.”

"Illustration touches people in a way that photography often can't...that playful, and sometimes powerful, side of people that is a gut reaction."
— Penelope Dullaghan
Meet the Jury
Chad W. Beckerman
Abrams Books for Young Readers and Amulet Books
Tim J Luddy
Mother Jones
Rikki Poulos
Rikki Poulos Design
Chris von Ende
Leo Burnett Chicago
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2013 Illustration Annual

This year our distinguished panel of jurors selected 189 winning projects from 4636 entries.


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2013 Illustration Annual : FEATURED PROJECT

Interior illustration for Manifeste pour l'égalité [Manifest for Equality] by Lilian Thuram, autobiography of soccer ... more

Gérard DuBois, illustrator Kamy Pakdel, art director Autrement Publisher, client