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Design Issues
Not in Agreement
by DK Holland
Visual creators have a gift: the facility to reimagine and unjumble; to create beauty and visualize a distilled, considered point of view; and to apply that point ... more


Emerging Media
Rock, Paper, Pixels
by Lisa L. Cyr
Technology has made it possible for content creators and readers to communicate like never before; the future of visual storytelling abounds with ... more


Should Dyslexics Unite on a Typeface?
by Thomas Phinney
The jury is out as to whether using specific fonts has (or should have) any measurable effect on ameliorating issues specific to dyslexic ... more


Design Culture
"Yes, and...Yes, but..."
by Wendy Richmond
The challenge of investigating and pushing through set ways of thinking about your work.


Design Culture
Beyond the Syllabus
by Wendy Richmond
A detailed syllabus is only the beginning of determining how to teach a subject. Beyond the syllabus, and even beyond day-to-day lesson plans, you have to ... more


The Regretted History
by Ernie Schenck
Even though we can’t undo the choices we make as we grope and shamble our way through Adland, we can stop regretting them and start learning from them.


Barbara Nessim
by Anne Telford
With enthusiasm and passion for art and culture, undiminished by time, Barbara Nessim surrounds herself with beauty and spends her days creating art that has an ... more


Emerging Media
The Rediscovery of Holograms
by Joe Shepter
There are plenty of good holographic shows to enjoy—and until you see one, you won’t believe how cool they can be.


Great Blogs Outside This Field
by David C. Baker
Thoughtful, provocative, humorous blogs that are authentic, have a point of view and stretch your mind.


Typographic Hate Lists
by Allan Haley
Type hate has taken on pandemic proportions. Myriad blog posts and YouTube videos by the score condemn hapless designs.


Motion Design Business Practices
by Shel Perkins
Business practices in the field of motion design are still quite fragmented; the hope is that its continued maturity as a professional service will ... more


What's Your Stargate?
by Ernie Schenck
Creative wormholes exist... those weird locations where the ideas come racing fast and furious and that, for some reason, seem to thrum with creative energy ... more


Type Directors Club Turns 65
by Angelynn Grant
Although the club’s name is derived from a now obsolete job, its purpose as an organization for those with a discerning eye for typography is as apt ... more


Entrepeneurial Thinking
by Terry Lee Stone
Graphic design’s traditional business model, that of service consultancy, is being challenged by what may be the future: creating products and being in on ... more


Design Issues
Learning to Be Happy, Part 2
by DK Holland
In this complex world, full of irony and contradiction, pain and suffering, if we can agree on what we value, that is the hope for the future—for ... more