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Blue Bottle New Orleans Iced Coffee packaging Until recently, sampling Blue Bottle Coffee required a visit to one of the company’s cafés in New York City or the San ... more


Mrs. Weinstein’s packaging Mrs. Weinstein’s has been making some of the best handmade toffee in America for over forty years. The company’s recipes have stood the test ... more


Perfect Bar packaging Perfect Bar began with a journey: a family of ten health nuts piled into a motor home and roamed the country for four years. Along the way, they ... more


Masa Chocolate packaging Masa Chocolate is a product of Colombia, where artisanal chocolate is not a cultural craze the way it is in the foodie cities of the United ... more


Sonoma Cider packaging Sonoma Beverage Works produces hard cider that is no mere basement brew. The business is owned by a family with a true passion for making a ... more


Farnham Ale & Lager identity The Farnham Ale & Lager Brewery is a new company that is making a splash in Canada, a country that takes its beer seriously. Montréal-based ... more


Tazo Tea packaging When you think of Starbucks, you probably think of coffee (or maybe a double iced skinny caramel mocha), but the caffeine powerhouse recently branched ... more


Rhinoshield identity and packaging Rhino Shield is a new impact protection film for smartphones screens that was not only funded through Kickstarter, but also developed ... more


TINCUP Whiskey packaging TINCUP is a brand-new American whiskey that comes from old Colorado mining country. For inspiration, package designers at Stranger & Stranger ... more


Diablo’s Shadow packaging Design firm Cult Partners is located in Oakland, California, and the Sutherland Distilling Company is based in nearby Livermore, so both ... more


Virtuous Living spice packaging For people living with food allergies, dining experiences are often defined by what what is off-limits. Virtuous Living, a line of ... more


Lurpak Butter packaging Butter is a grocery store staple, but it’s rarely a visual standout. Pearlfisher created packaging for Lurpak’s new Slow Churned Butter that is ... more


J&L Distilling Company labels J&L Distilling is a small company based in Boulder, Colorado that was started by two scientists. J&L wanted a bottle design that visually ... more


Cheeky Beauty packaging Cheeky is a beauty brand aimed at the young, urban social butterfly. Pearlfisher created a brand identity with a glamorous, irreverent appeal ... more


Rio Coffee Single Origin packaging Rio Coffee travels far and wide to source exceptional-quality single-origin coffee beans from unique locations around the globe. It’s ... more