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Saint 252 packaging Collaborating with Switzerland-based Humbel Distillery to synthesize taste and graphic design, creative agency Studio Schoch developed Saint 252, a ... more


Bluebeard Coffee Roasters identity and packaging In a region of the United States notorious for its over-caffeinated population, Tacoma, Washington–based café Bluebeard ... more


PICO packaging PICO offers premium gluten-free, vegan and fair-trade Swiss chocolate to buyers in the Melbourne, Australia area. To help the brand stand out, design firm ... more


Tommee Tippee commercial Baby bottle brand Tommee Tippee understands how parents can be frustrated by unsolicited advice and opinions from friends and family or ... more


D/F/3 packaging Filmmaker Gary Hustwit and his company Plexi films released Design Trilogy, three documentaries titled Helvetica, Objectified and ... more


Anti-Flag album artwork An aggressive critique on the present global-political climate, American Spring is Anti-Flag’s tenth album, available on Spinefarm ... more


Gillemore packaging Bruges-based branding company Skinn developed a brand and packaging concept for Louis Gillemon’s premium gin. Gillemon, a 19-year-old entrepreneur, ... more


Nutrilait packaging Life is full of beautiful messes—chaotic mornings, kids who don’t want to wake up, spilt milk and television dinners. Nutrilait celebrates these ... more


WWF just* packaging To spread WWF Australia’s sustainability message in a new way, Leo Burnett Sydney helped people rethink how they consume by creating a range products ... more


Kemphor packaging Kemphor has been dedicated to improving oral healthcare in Spain since 1918. Celebrating its upcoming centennial, the company released its Essence 1918 ... more


Tippler’s packaging St. Petersburg Distillery in Florida created a premium liqueur using the state’s prized oranges, peels and all. For the brand, Tampa’s Dunn&Co. ... more


Take16 packaging For Take16 Brewery, Capsule developed a whole-package branding system to match its Midwestern style. Naming, identity, packaging, web, social media and ... more


Sutler’s Spirit Co packaging Sutler’s Spirit Co produces spirits with a revolutionary spirit and a devil-may-care verve. Sutler’s Gin incorporates opaque ceramic bottles ... more


Beauty for Real for Aerie packaging Aerie by American Eagle is made for young women who want a natural, effortless look, in a collaboration with Beauty For Real. The ... more


Jucy Lu packaging Jucy Lu is a cold-pressed juice and health food shop that uses premium organic ingredients to replace fast food with convenient healthy food. ... more