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Ministry of Supply print ads Ministry of Supply is an up-and-coming men’s clothing brand that incorporates a unique mix of fashion and technology, tailored to the needs ... more


Los Angeles Film Festival trailer The 2015 Los Angeles Film Festival opened June 10th with a bold identity, promotional campaign and ... more


Special Olympics Canada TV spot In the past, Special Olympic advertising has been bright and cheery, sending a message that athletic performance takes a backseat to ... more


The Vine catalog Established in 2000, Toronto–based wine agency The Vine delivers a characterful selection of family-owned and estate wines from California, Italy and ... more


Take16 packaging For Take16 Brewery, Capsule developed a whole-package branding system to match its Midwestern style. Naming, identity, packaging, web, social media and ... more


Thymes 2015 catalog Thymes is a founding brand in premium botanical, fragranced bath and body products. To promote the Thymes brand and product offerings, Wink designed ... more


Texas Rising main titles For the main title of History’s Texas Rising, a five-part television miniseries based on the Texas Revolution and the birth of the ... more


Sutler’s Spirit Co packaging Sutler’s Spirit Co produces spirits with a revolutionary spirit and a devil-may-care verve. Sutler’s Gin incorporates opaque ceramic bottles ... more


Revolution of the Eye exhibition Revolution of the Eye: Modern Art and the Birth of American Television is a new exhibition at The Jewish Museum that ... more


HERO experience design A new kind of restaurant called HERO just opened its doors at 289 Rue Saint-Denis in Paris. Quixotic Projects teamed up with a new studio, No ... more


Netflix Spectrum introductory film Netflix tapped Imaginary Forces to make an introductory film that leads into an interactive ... more


Maine Office of Tourism print ads Visiting Maine is a multi-layered adventure that takes you to places expected and unexpected. It’s a journey that can be deeply ... more


Beauty for Real for Aerie packaging Aerie by American Eagle is made for young women who want a natural, effortless look, in a collaboration with Beauty For Real. The ... more


Jucy Lu packaging Jucy Lu is a cold-pressed juice and health food shop that uses premium organic ingredients to replace fast food with convenient healthy food. ... more


Blue Dragon Sweet Chilli Sauce print ads The new press and digital OOH ads promoting Blue Dragon Sweet Chilli Sauce play on the sensations of sweet and sour flavors ... more