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Pince & Pints environmental design Singapore design firm Bravo wanted to solidify the identity of a new lobster restaurant and bar. So the team named the business after ... more


Cocoa Metro posters People steal things from refrigerators. Especially things like Cocoa Metro, a premium chocolate milk made with dark Belgian cocoa and fresh, ... more


Man Seeking Woman titles DK Studios teamed up with FXX to create the ... more


Sleepy Hollow video Design Army has reimagined the classic ghost story, transporting audiences beyond the stage in a new ... more


Rickard’s Lederhosen packaging Rickard’s Lederhosen, a strong Oktoberfest-style lager, needed an equally strong identity. For its launch, Vancouver-based ad agency ... more


Sonos video Sonos makes wireless speakers and audio components that allow you to wirelessly control music throughout your home in immersive hi-fi sound. With the Sonos ... more


Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America PSA Two years after the Newtown shooting massacre, nearly 100 more school shootings occurred in America. Yet despite this, no ... more


Marco Polo titles Mill+ co-directors Ben Smith and Bryce Wymer teamed up with Netflix to create the stunning ... more


Germina identity Germina reinterprets Mexico’s traditional market stalls, selling a wide range of seeds, grains and cereals in bulk, from poppy seeds to quinoa, and ... more


Gumout print ads Fuel additive buyers can be a skeptical bunch. They know a lot about cars, but very little about how or if fuel additives really work. ... more


2015 Indian Motorcycle catalog As America's first motorcycle company, there's a lot of soul in the Indian Motorcycle brand. That spirit resonates in the industrial and ... more


Café Royal identity John Rushworth developed the identity and collateral for Café Royal, drawing from the establishment’s distinct history, as well as its contemporary ... more


Etsy banners Engineers and artists are generally accepted as opposites. Engineering is utilitarian; art is creative. But at Etsy, these worlds collide with beautiful ... more


UNACEM UNACEM, the largest cement company in Perú and one of the most important in Latin America, requested that design firm Brandlab redesign their APU brand. ... more


“March of Dimes Baby” video While many are aware of the March of Dimes, not enough people know what this long-standing national charity actually does, how it came to be, ... more