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“Madden: The Movie” commercial Continuing Madden’s tradition of annual brand reinvention, San Francisco–based ad agency Heat created “Madden: The Movie.” Building on the ... more


“The Last Survivors” opening titles New York–based creative studio Trollbäck + Company produced an elegant no-budget main-on-end title sequence for the indie film The ... more


“Plugging In” video Marketing agency PMK•BNC’s in-house digital agency Vowel produced a short film for Audi about the significance of Bob Dylan’s infamous electrified ... more


MUSQ packaging Australian cosmetic company Musq provides clean, natural and ethical products, free from harsh chemicals and animal testing. For its brand, design firm ... more


Summer Harvest postage stamps Designer and typographer Michael Doret’s Summer Harvest series was originally commissioned by the United States Postal Service in 2002 ... more


Tommee Tippee commercial Baby bottle brand Tommee Tippee understands how parents can be frustrated by unsolicited advice and opinions from friends and family or ... more


Brizo Faucets installation Luxury fittings brand Brizo recently launched two new collections for the bathroom and kitchen. To celebrate these new additions to the faucet ... more


SPAMERICAN posters After more than 75 years on the market, Spam has reemerged as a popular ingredient in US cuisine. Foodies, for one, have done inventive things with ... more


“Photon” commercial Ad agency Droga5 released its newest video for sustainable energy company NRG Energy, taking viewers on the journey of a single photon of light from ... more


Arctic album teaser animation The music of Dutch electronic duo Leadsmen invokes dark, ambient soundscapes layered with pulsing synths and rhythms. ... more


Entremanos identity Entremanos, a wine label run by two brothers, presents the viniculture of Mexico, via collaborations with vintners of the Valle de Guadalupe region ... more


Tomorrowland end credits Production studio yU+co’s main on end title sequence for the Walt Disney Pictures movie Tomorrowland presents a series of ... more


“A Kiss Deferred by Civil War” animation The New York Times’ Modern Love column features animated videos of reader-submitted essays exploring the ups and downs of ... more


Green: A Field Guide to Marijuana book design Eddie Opara’s team at design firm Pentagram created Green: A Field Guide to Marijuana, a new book from San ... more


Dune illustrations Frank Herbert’s Dune series has been enshrined in popular culture, from the grotesque, bloated mass of the evil Baron Harkonnen to the ... more