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MailChimp playing cards These playing cards are a collaboration between MailChimp, Fuzzco and theory11. Originally created to pass out to the agencies’ friends and at ... more


Amnesty International “Terrorists” spot Homosexuality is a crime punishable by prison or even death in more than 70 countries. In sub-Saharan Africa, most countries ... more


InstaHikes Travel Alberta had already developed an active Instagram audience with breathtaking user-generated photography. While the photo stream showed the beauty of ... more


John Deere’s Building Together campaign John Deere Construction follows a unique approach to machine design—nearly every piece of equipment is custom-designed based on ... more


“Cranks and Gulps” video In an effort to spread awareness about energy concerns in the Canadian province of New Brunswick, Hornet director Yves Geleyn teamed up with ... more


Target posters Target’s logo is elegantly simple: One dot. One ring. Target Creative created a brand campaign that actively deconstructs this iconic graphic identity. ... more


London Crisp Co. packaging B&B Studio’s identity and packaging design for The London Crisp Co., a brand created for the pub environment, is inspired by London’s thriving ... more


Sherwin-Williams’s “Emerald” spot The world’s largest paint retailer, Sherwin-Williams, has created its finest paint ever. With exceptional hide, durability and ... more


Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum Everyone expects New York City to have world-class design. But no one expects New York City to have world-class design on the ... more


Spotify redesign Spotify’s legacy identity system had been engineered to work in an app but not in a global communications program. It looked more like a tech company ... more


“What Is Magna Carta?” videos The London production company Beakus was asked to create two films on different aspects of Magna ... more


Jägermeister print ads The goal of the campaign—56 Parts. Best As One—was to educate consumers about the intricate process of making Jägermeister liqueur from 56 ... more


Lead Belly boxed set From his discovery in prison to his genre-defying repertoire to his influence on musicians that continues to this day, Huddie Ledbetter—better known ... more


Long Tag print ads The Canadian Fair Trade Network (CFTN) is a non-profit organization that works with civil society and industry stakeholders to advance awareness and ... more


Daily Essentials packaging Daily Essentials is a line of dog treats created for the new IOD brand extension of Isle of Dogs. This line was introduced for grocery stores ... more