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30 Beers for 30 Years label designs The 30 Beers for 30 Years Series is an ambitious collaboration of beer and art in celebration of Widmer Brothers' 30th Anniversary. ... more


Wired UK typography Wired UK has a cutting-edge reputation. When the magazine asked design firm Sawdust to design typography that was “clever but readable," ... more


OFFF St. Petersburg main titles Inspired by Russia's rich history of storytelling, the main titles for OFFF St. Petersburg's post-digital culture festival are titled ... more


15 Renwick posters Instead of featuring predictable amenities such as a gym or cliché phrases such as "redefining luxury," the developers of the forthcoming 15 Renwick ... more


Lower Manhattan Cultural Council branding The Lower Manhattan Cultural Council supports artists and connects them with their communities using $500,000 in grants. Much ... more


Maxbauers Market posters Maxbauers Market recently celebrated its 100th Anniversary, and ad agency PB&J created this poster series to commemorate the event. The posters' ... more


Like a Girl video When a child on the playground yells, "You run like a girl," it's another way of saying you're weak or a loser. But people say it all the time, without ... more


Cacio & Pepe identity Inspired by the internationally accessible Italian restaurants of New York City, Cacio & Pepe is introducing dishes such as shrimp squid-ink ... more


"Mom and Dad, I Have Something to Tell You" For interior design aficionados, recommerce site Previously Owned by a Gay Man discovers one-of-a-kind used furnishings—in ... more


Thymes prospecting kit For nearly 30 years, Thymes has made botanical bath and body products with artisan fragrances. To continue building excitement amidst a stream of ... more


Sweet Baby Ray's campaign Sweet Baby Ray's is the barbecue sauce for "people who put BBQ sauce on their BBQ sauce." To introduce Sweet Baby Ray's first food service ad ... more


Buzina print ads Buzina is the only food truck in Brazil specializing in gourmet dishes. Ad agency JWT wanted to show how distinct Buzina is from its food truck ... more


Playland campaign Vancouver's amusement park Playland hosts an event that grants winners free tickets, with a catch—the entire experience is out of their control. ... more


Lucky 21 identity When Dallas film production company Lucky 21 opened an office in Los Angeles, it needed a new identity to stand out in a notoriously competitive ... more


Re music video During a trip to Norway, director Balázs Simon felt he was approaching the end of the world: the water level was rising, and the mainland was slowly ... more