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Arctic album teaser animation The music of Dutch electronic duo Leadsmen invokes dark, ambient soundscapes layered with pulsing synths and rhythms. ... more


Entremanos identity Entremanos, a wine label run by two brothers, presents the viniculture of Mexico, via collaborations with vintners of the Valle de Guadalupe region ... more


Tomorrowland end credits Production studio yU+co’s main on end title sequence for the Walt Disney Pictures movie Tomorrowland presents a series of ... more


“A Kiss Deferred by Civil War” animation The New York Times’ Modern Love column features animated videos of reader-submitted essays exploring the ups and downs of ... more


Green: A Field Guide to Marijuana book design Eddie Opara’s team at design firm Pentagram created Green: A Field Guide to Marijuana, a new book from San ... more


Dune illustrations Frank Herbert’s Dune series has been enshrined in popular culture, from the grotesque, bloated mass of the evil Baron Harkonnen to the ... more


“Welcome to Firefox” video The team behind Mozilla Firefox collaborated on a design for a user-friendly experience. Design and film studio Vallée Duhamel showcased this ... more


NRG commercial Ad agency Droga5 and NRG Energy, a company dedicated to sustainable energy, launched the :90 film “Power Behind the Plug.” Filmed at one of the country’s ... more


ESPN Sports Center identity Created and developed by ESPN, SportsCenter Featured presents athletic subjects and personalities, ranging from quirky and comedic to ... more


CenturyLink's Prism online ads CenturyLink Prism’s extensive channel lineup enables viewers to watch multiple related programs at once, making TV viewing feel ... more


Space channel graphics Bell Media’s Space Channel, a Toronto-based sci-fi network, wanted to re-position its branding for broader appeal. Design and animation studio ... more


Minneapolis Aquatennial identity The Minneapolis Aquatennial began in 1940 as a celebration of the city’s famous lakes, rivers and streams. Held during the third week of ... more


Type Reinvented installation How can typography be emotional and responsive, but remain a powerful messenger of information, style and identity? Font production ... more


D/F/3 packaging Filmmaker Gary Hustwit and his company Plexi films released Design Trilogy, three documentaries titled Helvetica, Objectified and ... more


Céntrico identity Mexican furniture company Céntrico manufactures Acapulco chairs, an internationally recognized design that combines comfort with style. Creative studio ... more