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Paperboy wine packaging Paperboy is about as green as a wine bottle can get. It’s made out of compressed recycled paper and printed with natural inks. Inside the bottle, ... more


March Pantry identity March Pantry, a line of intensely desirable fine foods, is an outgrowth of the San Francisco lifestyle store ... more


Activate Learning brand identity The Oxford & Cherwell Valley College Group has a brand new name: Activate Learning. It’s a simple, streamlined identity that unites and ... more


Cube Calendar The Cube Calendar is an innovative twist on how we mark our days. It’s neither a messy sheaf of paper hanging on the wall nor a digital display glowing ... more


RainCity Housing bench ads RainCity Housing is a nonprofit in Vancouver, Canada that provides specialized housing and support services for the homeless. ... more


Colorado Tourism wine bottles For the annual Colorado Governor’s Tourism Conference, the team at Denver-based Karsh Hagan wanted to create a gift people could enjoy ... more


108 Rock Star Guitars The biography of a rock star might tell stories of scandal and excess, but a book about that star’s guitar reveals a different kind of truth. ... more


La Vitrine Culturelle digital display The legendary corner of Sainte-Catherine and Saint-Laurent is at the heart of Montréal’s Quartier des Spectacles, a district ... more


Kallø Rice Cakes packaging Rice cakes suffer from an image problem: they have come to represent everything bland and unappealing about health food. But the tasteless ... more


Storied Sips book illustration Haven’t you ever wondered, while sipping a Mint Julep or a Gin Fizz, about the origin of your aperitif? There is no shortage of cocktail ... more


Monsters music video ABBY is a new German indie band, and also the name of the lead character in the ... more


Motif Wine labels Motif wine has an unusual history: the labels actually came first, and the wine answered the call of a design in search of a product. While working on ... more


Stay Safe campaign outdoor ads How do you create a campaign that gets people interested in a message they’ve been hearing for years? Safe sex is no less important now ... more


Nosh Restaurant identity Nosh is a neighborhood eatery in the Kitsilano neighborhood of Vancouver, Canada, that serves up good food prepared by hand. To create the ... more


Who’s Teaching your Child about Sex? bus shelter posters The first line of defense against unwanted teen pregnancy is keeping kids informed about sex. But as most ... more