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Beautiful Books posters In the age of Kindle downloads and Amazon one-click purchases, how does the maker of classic, paper-and-cloth books stay relevant? Folio ... more


Whole Foods Market mural This mural at the new Whole Foods Market in Lincoln, Nebraska, takes cues from the city’s history to make the new business feel right at home. ... more


Great Cities, Great Lakes, Great Basin exhibition The Great Lakes region contains 11,000 miles of coastline and 20 percent of the world’s fresh surface water. Preserving ... more


“Look Good Being Bad” spot Loren Stewart makes jewelry for the Hollywood bad-girl set, with clients such as Lindsay Lohan and Chelsea Handler sporting the designs. San ... more


Masa Chocolate packaging Masa Chocolate is a product of Colombia, where artisanal chocolate is not a cultural craze the way it is in the foodie cities of the United ... more


What’s There spot for Sochi Paralympics Too often, we see Paralympic competitors as lesser athletes, and we overlook their incredible contributions to their individual ... more


Bock Love ads Shiner Bock is a beloved local brew in ad agency McGarrah Jessee’s home state of Texas. This print campaign directs the faithful to the ... more


Ken Burns app The Ken Burns iPad app presents American history through the eyes of one of the world’s most renowned documentary filmmakers. The ... more


Lincoln: Love is the Answer Hudson Rouge New York and the Lincoln Motor Company collaborated with singer-songwriter Aloe Blacc to launch a groundbreaking ... more


Country Faith ads Country Faith is the first-ever country music-themed devotional. The book, published by Zondervan/HarperCollins, collects the favorite ... more


“Selfie” spot for Dove To mark the tenth anniversary of the Dove Real Beauty campaign, Dove partnered with the Sundance Institute and invited more than 60 female ... more


Buchanan’s Master ads The “master” in the brand name Buchanan’s Master refers to a master blender of whisky; the expert craftsman who selects malts from regions ... more


Vespa Geek/Hipster ads At the highest levels of hipsterdom, the line between geeky and cool can be pretty fine. Designers at ACW Grey Israel came face-to-face with this ... more


Huis Clos restaurant identity Huis Clos is a new bar and restaurant in the Villeray neighborhood of Montréal, Canada. Advertising agency CARTEBLANCHE designed the ... more


Sonoma Cider packaging Sonoma Beverage Works produces hard cider that is no mere basement brew. The business is owned by a family with a true passion for making a ... more