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Maria Salinas branding The elegant brand identity of Maria Salinas, a Mexican jewelry design shop that specializes in custom pieces in gold and silver, is built from ... more


Nokia Living Moments film Nokia Brand Labs came to New York-based filmmaker Paul Trillo with an unusual idea—using 50 individual Lumia 1020 camera phones to create a ... more


Starwood Hotel mural For the lobby of their new Washington, DC, location, Starwood Hotels envisioned a large mural containing the names of all the countries along ... more


Sun Wines For Greek design studio Mousegraphics, wine bottles are one of the most creative and difficult areas of packaging design. The goal of this project was to claim ... more


Penny Dreadful promotional films Sky network’s new drama series Penny Dreadful is live action, but when Sky was looking to promote the series through viral ... more


Reinventing the Library campaign for UCSB The renovation of the University of California, Santa Barbara library is no mere addition and remodeling project—it is, the ... more


Zetland House identity Zetland House is a unique and striking warehouse-style office building, situated in the heart of Shoreditch, London. The building, originally a ... more


Costa Sunglasses Guyana Project film Costa, a company that makes sunglasses specially designed for fishing, recently completed an innovative project to help promote and ... more


TV Revolution spot for CNN CNN worked with entertainment branding agency loyalkaspar to create a multi-platform marketing campaign for “THE SIXTIES: The British ... more


The Mortgage posters Everyone’s first home-buying experience is unique, and to the buyer, the process is inevitably a larger-than-life drama. To show that Royal Bank of ... more


Seattle International Film Festival trailer Ad agency WONGDOODY has been collaborating with the Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF) for ten years now, developing ... more


102 Hours book design The days following the Boston Marathon bombing were at once tragic, mesmerizing and confusing. As a Boston-based design agency, Tank wanted to ... more


80 Sillas restaurant identity Design firm p576, based in Bogotá, Colombia, has crafted the identities of many of the city’s restaurants. For the new Bogotá eatery 80 ... more


Missing Kids stamps The faces of missing children have appeared on milk cartons, flyers and online ads—anywhere people might see them in the course of their daily ... more


Miltonian Wisdom campaign Milto Cleaners, a small, family-owned dry cleaning chain, was founded in 1970. When you’ve been in business as long as the Miltos have, you ... more