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Strike Out Hunger posters Hunger and food insecurity are year-round problems in Nebraska and Iowa, especially during the summer, when donations traditionally drop off. ... more


Woolly Mammoth Theatre posters Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company is an innovative arts organization founded in Washington, D.C., for research and development within ... more


Ouzo packaging Ouzo is one of the defining drinks of Greece, so the Greek Distillation Company naturally aspired for its Ouzo bottles to become tourist souvenirs. The ... more


Fotografiska brand identity Fotografiska, one of Sweden’s most visited cultural venues, houses exhibitions of photographers such as David LaChapelle, Annie Leibovitz and ... more


Table Talk book Every year, photographer Dick Patrick embarks on a personal project to exercise his creative and artistic muscles. This year, his publication ... more


“Goodbye Jane” music video Designer Stefan Bucher had been a fan of musician Wesley Stace for more than 20 years. After one of his concerts, Bucher offered to animate ... more


Monier identity Monier, a cutting-edge office building in Oslo, Norway, is slated to be finished in 2015. Design firm Bleed based Monier's visual identity on the ... more


Forever Faster posters Forever Faster recognizes athletes who stand out as individuals through both performance and personality. Featuring the world’s fastest man, Usain ... more


Making identity Making, the Australian Institute of Architects’ annual conference, took place in Perth, Australia, in 2014. The creative directors of the conference were ... more


“Blackline” video Oregon Manifest invited design firm MINIMAL to represent Chicago in the 2014 Bike Design Challenge to design the ultimate urban utility bike, alongside ... more


Stone Creek Coffee identity If there is any criticism against Stone Creek's previous brand, it would be they were too humble—a common trait in Milwaukee. Fox Point, ... more


Global Peace Film Festival campaign The annual Global Peace Film Festival in Orlando, Florida, furthers the causes of peace and environmental sustainability. Designer ... more


Manhattan title sequence WGN's TV series Manhattan follows the lives of the Los Alamos scientists who, in 1943, created the world's deadliest weapon—the ... more


“Nemumel” music video Nemumel” is a code-generated video by creative programmer, kynd, dedicated to Tokyo-based sound artist ... more


Space Needle exhibit Seattle’s Space Needle, originally built as a symbol of the future for the Age of Space 1962 World’s Fair, just launched several new interactive ... more