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Sonoma Cider packaging Sonoma Beverage Works produces hard cider that is no mere basement brew. The business is owned by a family with a true passion for making a ... more


Rethink Butts PSA Cigarette butts are loaded with chemicals. When they are tossed onto the sidewalk or the grass, those chemicals seep into the ground, contaminating ... more


Strange Adventures ads Finding the perfect present for a comic book fan, if you’re not an aficionado yourself, is a feat that requires some serious superpowers. This ... more


Emoticons ads When predators make contact with a child online, the first thing they do is try to gain the child’s trust. They often do so by pretending to be another ... more


Farnham Ale & Lager identity The Farnham Ale & Lager Brewery is a new company that is making a splash in Canada, a country that takes its beer seriously. Montréal-based ... more


Tazo Tea packaging When you think of Starbucks, you probably think of coffee (or maybe a double iced skinny caramel mocha), but the caffeine powerhouse recently branched ... more


Rhinoshield identity and packaging Rhino Shield is a new impact protection film for smartphones screens that was not only funded through Kickstarter, but also developed ... more


True Detective opening titles When production studio Elastic first began working on opening titles for the new HBO series True Detective, the team read scripts ... more


TINCUP Whiskey packaging TINCUP is a brand-new American whiskey that comes from old Colorado mining country. For inspiration, package designers at Stranger & Stranger ... more


Royal Academy of Art, The Hague 2013 Graduation Show The Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, Netherlands, is one of the oldest art academies in Europe, known throughout the ... more


Cisco Internet of Everything ads The Internet of Everything is the seamless connection of people, processes, data and things. It means your appliances can talk to one ... more


Florida Prepaid College Board ads Florida Prepaid College Plans make it easy for parents to start saving for their child’s college education, even while they’re still ... more


ConEdison print ads This educational campaign points out that virtually everything depends on power, so everything matters to Con Edison. In order to highlight this, Con ... more


Horacio Barbato wine menu Horacio Barbato is a restaurant in Bogotá, Colombia, with an amazing wine menu that ranges from small production bottles to special editions ... more


LMU Magazine In 2010, DJ Stout and Barrett Fry of Pentagram’s Austin office redesigned LMU Magazine (then called Vistas), the magazine of Loyola ... more