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Corona Day of the Dead packaging In Canada, Corona encourages drinkers to “Live Mas Fina,” or to live a life worth celebrating. The celebration extends to the afterlife ... more


The Brownie & Madam Optical brand identity The Brownie and Madam Optical Company is, as the name implies, a business with a strong personality—quirky, irreverent and a ... more


Faculty of Computer and Information Science identity This identity project presented IlovarStritar, a design firm based in Ljubljana, Slovenia, with an interesting task: ... more


Playing Arts illustrated playing cards These might be the most beautiful cards you’ll ever arrange into a Royal Flush. Design website Digital Abstracts invited 54 of the ... more


Mastic Tears packaging Mastic Tears is a liqueur made by distilling the resin drops, or “tears,” of the mastic tree, Pistacia lentiscus. It is a unique product ... more


The Day of the Doctor trailer In preparation for “The Day of the Doctor,” the BBC’s highly anticipated Doctor Who 50th anniversary special, Red Bee Media and ... more


Take Travel Back campaign Teague, a leading industrial design studio, called on Seattle-based Turnstyle Studio to create a campaign promoting its considerable experience ... more


Gather & Gather identity Gather & Gather looks simple, homey and handmade, but it’s actually the fastest-growing catering business in the United Kingdom and Ireland. ... more


Platform event identity Platform is a new nonprofit organization that works to increase the participation of under-represented groups in technology and entrepreneurship, ... more


Hollywood & Vines film Airbnb is a pioneer of social innovation, creating new ways for people to travel, explore and share resources by connecting online. ... more


Al Jazeera America identity Al Jazeera is a well-known presence in the world of news, but with the debut of its new American network, the Qatar-based media company ... more


This Is How I Learn My ABC app To teach kids the letters of the alphabet, Dutch design studio 3rd Floor went old-school. Designer Bart De Keyzer was inspired by the ... more


"I Am the New Creative" spot Creatives today are far more diverse than their Mad Men-era counterparts. And they’re not simply illustrators, filmmakers or web ... more


California Square Wine packaging You’ve probably never seen a square bottle of Chardonnay before, nor considered why you might want one. But square bottles take up less ... more


Delta music video “Delta” is a driving electronic track by French turntablists C2C. With plenty of atmospheric tension and very spare lyrics, the song sets a mood but ... more