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80 Sillas restaurant identity Design firm p576, based in Bogotá, Colombia, has crafted the identities of many of the city’s restaurants. For the new Bogotá eatery 80 ... more


Missing Kids stamps The faces of missing children have appeared on milk cartons, flyers and online ads—anywhere people might see them in the course of their daily ... more


Miltonian Wisdom campaign Milto Cleaners, a small, family-owned dry cleaning chain, was founded in 1970. When you’ve been in business as long as the Miltos have, you ... more


Oslo 2022 Olympic Bid In 2014, Snøhetta was commissioned to design the visual identity and feasibility study for Oslo’s bid to host the 2022 Winter Olympic Games. The ... more


Midnight Moon packaging Piedmont Distillers, makers of Midnight Moon moonshine, sponsored a series of music events throughout the summer, and presented a special “artist ... more


The Battery identity The Battery is an exclusive new members-only club in San Francisco with interior design by Ken Fulk. San Francisco-based branding firm MM created a ... more


Endangered Song Project There are only 400 Sumatran tigers left in the wild. It’s not easy, in the abstract, to understand how close to extinction that really is. For ... more


Wedge Plus print ads The Christmas holiday season lasts about a month. A product that can give retailers a five-day head start in that whirlwind season is a big deal. ... more


BRIC House environmental graphics Multidisciplinary arts center BRIC has produced many of Brooklyn’s most popular arts, music and cultural programs since 1979. The ... more


Marty’s Waffles food truck design Marty’s Waffles is a new mobile food business that sells artisanal Belgian sugar waffles. Marty’s needed a distinctive, recognizable ... more


Point after Point wine bottles Empyreal 75 is an all-natural, highly digestible protein concentrate developed for pet food manufacturers by food company Cargill. So what ... more


Sweeper exhibit for UNMAS For most of us, landmines are a scary concept, but a distant one. Every day, however, approximately ten people are killed or maimed by ... more


ACQ Camp posters Montréal, Canada-based design firm Écorce has worked with the Association des camps certifiés du Québec (ACQ) since 2011 to promote the organization’s ... more


Manatawny Still Works identity Pennsylvania’s Manatawny Creek takes its name from the Lenape Indian word Man'en'tau'wata'wik, meaning “the place we meet to ... more


Ronald McDonald House Ski Challenge ads Vancouver, Canada-based agency Cossette took inspiration from childhood crafts—namely, paper snowflakes—for Ronald McDonald House ... more