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Manuals book Manuals 1: Design & Identity Guidelines is the first comprehensive study of corporate identity design manuals. It features 20 examples from the ... more


Light Up the Lyric campaign The once-proud Lyric Theater in Birmingham, Alabama, which hosted vaudeville performers like W.C. Fields and the Marx Brothers, had long been ... more


Stockwell Park wayfinding London studio hat-trick design created the wayfinding system for the Stockwell Park housing estate based on a modular system of tiles that ... more


“Be Around” music video for The Peach Kings This is the third video New York-based filmmaker Paul Trillo has done for The Peach Kings (Paige Wood and Steven Dies). With ... more


Brand Perfect Annual Monotype launched Brand Perfect to bring together a community of designers, developers and brand ... more


Keira Watering Cans posters Not only are Keira watering cans eco-friendly, manufactured from 100% recyclable material, their clean, ergonomic designs are inspired by ... more


Global Fund for Women XXV The Global Fund for Women began its tireless advocacy for women’s rights a quarter-century ago, long before the world realized the massive ... more


Highland Games posters Burly jocks in skirts, dancing lasses, screeching bagpipes and whatever the hell haggis is—not things you’d expect to see in Tennessee. But for ... more


National Peanut Board campaign Increasingly, consumers are buying nuts for health reasons. Although peanuts are every bit as healthy as their competitors, they haven’t ... more


Ivan Picelj monograph Ivan Picelj was one of the major figures in Croatian arts during the second half of the twentieth century and was a world-renowned author. As a ... more


Utah Division of Wildlife Resources Fishing posters Utah is a fisherman’s paradise. The Wasatch Front, where most of the state’s population resides, is just a short ... more


All Goes Wrong music video A diverse team donated their time and talents to the music video for the song “All Goes Wrong” by ... more


Perfect Bar packaging Perfect Bar began with a journey: a family of ten health nuts piled into a motor home and roamed the country for four years. Along the way, they ... more


Beautiful Books posters In the age of Kindle downloads and Amazon one-click purchases, how does the maker of classic, paper-and-cloth books stay relevant? Folio ... more


Whole Foods Market mural This mural at the new Whole Foods Market in Lincoln, Nebraska, takes cues from the city’s history to make the new business feel right at home. ... more