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From an exhausting apprenticeship in Germany to shooting “big heads” in the Big Apple, this prolific portrait photographer shares the path of his star-studded career.


Carson Ellis The fantastical, folk-inspired illustrations of this Portland, Oregon– based artist evoke the enchanted woods that surround her.


Lewis Communications A kind, compassionate company culture breeds loyalty and creativity among staffers at this Alabama ad agency.


Device Creative Collaborative This North Carolinian design duo shares a fervor for finely crafted details.


Ditte Isager A photographer returns to Copenhagen to capture food and interiors in her distinctively northern light.


180LA At the Los Angeles office of this ad agency, founded in Amsterdam, “180” is more than a name. It’s how they think.


Emiliano Ponzi The prolific Milan-based editorial illustrator tells stories through subtle symbolic clues.


Local Projects A New York media design firm specializing in interactive exhibits uses technology to make museums more human.


Marcus Smith Chicago's young star of sports photography scores major-league clients with his authentic, rookie approach.


Volume Inc. From storefronts to art institutions, this San Francisco design firm hooks audiences with an unexpected twist, and the response speaks volumes.


Code and Theory With innovative digital makeovers for the Los Angeles Times, Vogue and others, this interactive branding agency sets a higher bar for ... more


Tyler Jacobson In the sleepy suburb of Olympia, Washington, a fantasy illustrator paints the menacing monsters and men of his imagination with frightening realism.


Scott Laumann A fugitive approach fuels this Colorado artist’s flights between commercial and gallery work.


TypeTogether Two talented type designers, one in Spain and the other in Argentina, focus their foundry on robust editorial type.


Cass Bird A New York photographer elicits ease and a bit of the wild in her advertising and editorial portraits.


Wieden+Kennedy Fortified by its fierce independence, the crackerjack agency endures—and expands to eight offices worldwide.