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Chen Design Associates CDA’s creative approach blends intuition with analysis of what a design solution says, how it speaks to the end user and what it communicates to ... more


National Film Board The NFB’s original approach to the web was remixing content; three years ago, it decided to devote twenty percent of its budget to pushing original ... more


Droga5 Anyone who’s been paying attention to advertising the past few years has been hearing a lot about this shape-shifting ad agency.


Method The designers, strategists and technologists at Method have positioned themselves as the go-to firm for innovative thinking.


Juniper Park Life in a typical ad agency is no day in the park. Although this up-and-coming agency in Toronto would like it to be.


Helms Workshop In a city of standout talents, Christian Helms stands out, drenching Austin with his talents and sweeping friends and colleagues along in his joyous ... more


Andrew Zuckerman Calling photography hyperrealistic sounds slightly absurd, but that’s exactly the effect that Zuckerman’s high-resolution, high-speed photographs ... more


Zina Saunders This is one illustrator who can truly be said to bring an idea to life—and to bring real, vivid life to her work.


Duncan/Channon Every great agency has an essence. When it comes to San Francisco agency Duncan/Channon, its essence can be summed up in a single word: guanxi.


Christopher Wahl He is a practitioner, a historian and, above all, a fan of the art form, applying his aesthetic to everything he photographs.


Marc & Chantal Design A nineteen-year-old firm, founded by Marc Cansier, Chantal Réchaussat and Marc Brulhart, that's bringing new levels of depth and sophistication to ... more


Commercial Type With a growing stable of typefaces, Christian Schwartz and Paul Barnes eschewed larger, established type-marketing options and launched their own ... more


Sara Remington Food photography pushed beyond the plate, into our collective memories, where we are invited to sit at the table and savor not just the meal but the ... more


Justin Renteria His graphic style is a clever juxtaposition of news clippings and a minimal and bold use of color and dynamic shapes that’s well suited to illustrating a ... more


Tool of North America At production company Tool of North America, founded in 1995, whatever serves the story—live action only, live action and interactive or digital ... more