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Penguin Paul Buckley, Penguin's design department vice president, executive creative director, and his in-house team, plus freelancers, create 600 covers annually for ... more


Marco Ventura With his never-say-never attitude and a reputation for delivering great work across borders and oceans, illustrator Marco Ventura has garnered a loyal ... more


Wax Founded in 2005, this full-service advertising/design agency located in Calgary, Alberta, creates an impression of wit and fun that translates to impressively smart ... more


Downtown Partners Chicago Although the agency does advertising, and although its cofounding partners light up when they talk about the work, Downtown Partners Chicago is ... more


Lauren Greenfield The deeper one delves, the easier it is to feel admiration for the single-minded dedication and perseverance that has molded Lauren Greenfield’s ... more


Mucca Design Mucca Design's work—whether about literature, food or high-touch luxury products—is always for clients who want beautiful design and typography to express ... more


Factory Design Labs With a roster of 9 clients, served by 122 employees, who book $45 million in revenue, Denver’s Factory Design Labs solves complex problems for big ... more


Erik Almås Last year, photographer Erik Almås's camera took him to 50 locations on 4 continents to shoot landscapes, lifestyle and fashion for global tourism.


Underware Founded in 1999, Underware’s designers Akiem Helmling, Bas Jacobs and Sami Kortemäki all work from different cities—Den Haag, Amsterdam and Helsinki, ... more


Colle+McVoy If Colle+McVoy is any indication, nothing—not even the creative reawakening of a mid-sized Minneapolis agency established in 1935—is impossible.


Jillian Tamaki Jillian Tamaki’s illustration ranges from classic mid-century-style, to comic art, to spontaneous, energetic experiments she shares with the world on her ... more


James Day Photographer James Day can find poetry in the most banal objects of daily life and extract the soul from a mere collection of atoms.


McGarrah Jessee Bryan Jessee and Mark McGarrah were lured to Austin in 1992, leaving Dallas behind to join GSD&M. By 1996 they'd launched McGarrah Jessee.


MOD Now in his 30th year in business, Michael Osborne's ventures include a design firm, a letterpress printshop, a nonprofit organization and a fine art studio.


Christian Northeast Illustrator Christian Northeast has spent seventeen years creating a tremendously diverse body of work all tied together by his talent for making ... more