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Cipe Pineles Born in Vienna, Austria, Cipe Pineles (1908–1991) had a profound effect on modern magazine publishing by becoming the art director for multiple Condé Nast ... more


Tim Flach Whether the subject is the wire-like eyelashes of an elephant, swarming bats or jewel-like ice blocks in Iceland, Tim Flach’s keen observation brings much to ... more


Robert Peak Considered “the father of the contemporary movie poster,” Robert Peak transformed movie advertising from collages of film stills or headshots to flamboyant ... more


Brian Stauffer Empathy and insight help an artist discover essential truths. Brian Stauffer's experiences have given him the ability to see life through a different set ... more


Saul Bass The design accomplishments of Saul Bass (1920–1996) encompass many areas of visual communication —graphic design, movie titles and films, corporate design ... more


Sid Lee In 1993, when Jean-François Bouchard and Philippe Meunier founded Sid Lee, they had no idea they'd eventually overthrow every totem and taboo the advertising ... more


Pioneer Alvin Lustig Alvin Lustig, an American designer whose life was tragically brief (1915-1955), left an indelible mark on the history of graphic design.


Pioneer Herb Lubalin Herb Lubalin didn’t play by the rules, he experimented with the radical, shifting the focus of type design from the alphabet to an art form—it’s ... more


Danny Clinch Danny Clinch taps into something beneath the stardom of his subjects, if only for that fraction of a second when the shutter clicks, showing musicians ... more


Paul Rand If the term legendary can be applied with accuracy to the career of any designer, it can certainly be applied to Paul Rand (1914-1996).


Penelope Dullaghan The energy in Penelope Dullaghan’s work boils up from the exchange between her Klee-inspired linework—textural, imperfect, thin and black—and flat ... more


yU+co. Founder Garson Yu intended to focus on film title design, but over the last several years yU+co. has created show opens, commercials, experiential design and ... more


SS+K The rising New York agency SS+K is out to prove that a firm with political consulting and public affairs roots can successfully cross over into the realm of brand ... more


Robert Miles Runyan Gifted with an almost terrifying fund of energy, Robert Miles Runyan engaged in design and living with an intensity that few could match.


Jason Holley Jason Holley’s work has a visceral quality that engages the eye and the brain and demands more than a cursory glance.