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Photographer / Portland, OR

I trust my eye and my gut, and focus more on the experience than the technical.


Mike Lemanski Illustrator / Mirfield, West Yorkshire, England   I’ve always loved the act of painting and the processes of print, and I try to get this into my work as much as ... more


Ike Edeani Photographer / Brooklyn, NY   I thrive off of a relaxed environment, and I’ll spend time getting to know subjects to put them at ease.


Malmsten Hellberg Design firm / Stockholm, Sweden   “We believe that we have a sensibility that combined with skills and craftsmanship can help distinguish the clients' work.”


Katie Ponder Illustrator / Stockwell, London   "I approach image-making as though I am creating a tarot card, encoding a personal message for a viewer to intuitively perceive."


Santtu Mustonen Motion graphics / Brooklyn, NY   “I’m inspired by Northern European culture, nature and my daily surroundings.”


Francisco de Deus Photographer / Brooklyn, New York   "When approached with a new project, I’m always looking for the most original way to tell the story."


Karnes Coffey Design Design firm / Richmond, VA   A design partnership in Richmond, Virginia, strikes a balance in creative temperaments.


Hanna Barczyk Illustrator / Toronto, Ontario   An editorial illustrator in Toronto translates delicate emotions into universal truths.


Caleb & Gladys Photographer / New York, NY   A Singaporean couple in New York elevates fashion photography to fantasy theater.


Canales and Co. Design firm / Austin, Texas   “I quickly found myself in the business of selling the devil’s milk.”


Mamzelle Poppy Illustrator / Paris, France   “I always try to create something simple, fresh and colorful with a hint of humor. I want people to smile when they see my artwork.”


Danny Lane Photographer / Staten Island, New York   “When there are no people to shoot with, I'll just walk around a neighborhood with a roll of 35mm and shoot for myself.”


Ronny Hunger Designer / Zurich, Switzerland   “Design is very much part of the printing process and the printing process is very much part of design.”


Jing Wei Illustrator / Brooklyn, NY   “I was born in Shenyang, China, and moved to California with my family when I was seven. I’m still very much influenced by Chinese ... more


Wedge & Lever Design firm / Encinitas, CA   This San Diego-based studio brings fresh, modern designs to clients steeped in the laid-back California lifestyle.