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Illustrator / Montréal, QB

“Be friendly, be punctual and work hard. Don’t allow yourself to be walked over, but don’t hesitate to go above and beyond.”


Lorem Ipsum Studio Design firm / Belgrade, Serbia   “Make the same mistakes twice. If it doesn’t pay off the first time, it most definitely will the second.”


Sachin Teng Illustrator / Los Angeles, CA   “People like to participate in weirdness as long as they feel like they’re being included—I always make it a point to communicate to ... more


Maurizio Di Iorio Photographer / Milan, Italy; New York, NY   “Find a recognizable style, then do anything to stay consistent.”


Knoed Creative Design firm / Chicago, IL   ”We want to do good work for good people. We care about both, and every decision we make rides on that principle.”


POOL Design firm / San Francisco, CA   “Our work is highly influenced by our relationship with clients. When POOL opened, we decided that we have the most fun working with ... more


Coppers and Brasses Type Foundry / Montreal, QB   “History is a really important part of type design. Nobody in our profession who is alive today can deny its influence on her or ... more


Caitlin Workman Designer / Kansas City, Missouri   “We live, work and play in an increasingly dynamic and connected world, where solving problems requires multiple vantage points ... more


Ken Tackett Illustrator / Amarillo, TX   


Quinn Keaveney Type Foundry / Chicago, IL   


Leta Sobierajski Designer / New York, NY   Graphic design isn’t just a job—it’s also an outlet for me, and my clients understand my desire to create work with a different visual ... more


Orlin Culture Shop Illustrator / Erie, CO   “Reading to my kids helped me see ways I could contribute to culture by creating visuals and stories of my own.”


Amanda Leigh Smith Photographer / Portland, OR   I trust my eye and my gut, and focus more on the experience than the technical.


Mike Lemanski Illustrator / Mirfield, West Yorkshire, England   I’ve always loved the act of painting and the processes of print, and I try to get this into my work as much as ... more


Ike Edeani Photographer / Brooklyn, NY   I thrive off of a relaxed environment, and I’ll spend time getting to know subjects to put them at ease.


Malmsten Hellberg Design firm / Stockholm, Sweden   “We believe that we have a sensibility that combined with skills and craftsmanship can help distinguish the clients' work.”