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Ralph Smith Photographer / New York, NY   “Art and science museums played a large part in developing my love of objects.”


Billy Kidd Photographer / Brooklyn, New York   “I’m still heavily influenced by the [Arizona] deserts, Native Americans and cowboys.”


Robert Bartholot Photographer / Berlin, Germany   “Legendary Spanish photographer Álvaro Villarrubia infected me with a love of digital photography.”


Ben Sandler Photographer / Paris, France   “Always be creating.”


Hollie Fernando Photographer / Sutton, United Kingdom   “I aim to capture honest feelings with naturally beautiful and interesting people, using 35mm and a few secret ... more


John Haynes Photographer / Minneapolis, MN   “Many subjects are not all that interesting on their own, until someone assigns worth to it. I am interested in communicating ... more


Kyle Jackson Photographer / Los Angeles, CA   “Romanticized portraiture meets captivating narratives. Stories are what inspire me.”


Bella Howard Photographer / London, United Kingdom   “I’m a huge fan of Corinne Day ... she captured a period in time that transcends fashion photography.”


Peter Hoffman Photographer / Chicago, Illinois   “You only live once and I’m doing my best not to gloss over anything, especially if it’s in my picture.”


Travis Magee Photographer / Brooklyn, NY   “I was a professional modern/contemporary dancer in New York for almost ten years. I was trained to tell an honest story with ... more


Nicolas Gourguechon Photographer / Chicago, Illinois   “It is easy to find interesting subjects in foreign environments but for me the challenge and real insight come from ... more


Anthony Georgis Photographer / Minneapolis, Minnesota   “My goal is to always make things look natural and authentic, even when everything going on behind the scenes is ... more


Jonas Jungblut Photographer / Santa Barbara, California   “A skilled photographer can compose an image that will create a starting point for a different story in every ... more


Mattia Balsamini Photographer / Venice, Italy   “I’m attracted to scenes of manual work and craftsmanship, a world I've experienced since childhood.”


Kyle Araujo Photographer / Johannesburg, South Africa   “I want my pictures to radiate with a bright and colorful vitality.”