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Mamzelle Poppy Illustrator / Paris, France   “I always try to create something simple, fresh and colorful with a hint of humor. I want people to smile when they see my artwork.”


Danny Lane Photographer / Staten Island, New York   “When there are no people to shoot with, I'll just walk around a neighborhood with a roll of 35mm and shoot for myself.”


Ronny Hunger Designer / Zurich, Switzerland   “Design is very much part of the printing process and the printing process is very much part of design.”


Jing Wei Illustrator / Brooklyn, NY   “I was born in Shenyang, China, and moved to California with my family when I was seven. I’m still very much influenced by Chinese ... more


Wedge & Lever Design firm / Encinitas, CA   This San Diego-based studio brings fresh, modern designs to clients steeped in the laid-back California lifestyle.


Amanda Jasnowski Photographer / Brooklyn, NY   Instagram followers and advertising clients “favorite” a young photographer's quirky vignettes.


Hansje Van Halem Illustrator / Amsterdam, Netherlands   In nurturing her highly electric illustrative style, a Dutch graphic designer gets recharged.


Chris Ozer Photographer / Brooklyn, NY   “I was just one of the countless new-­to-­New-­York New Yorkers who was fighting for work and I had no idea what I wanted to do.”


Spiros Halaris Illustrator / Brooklyn, New York   “Architecture, Matisse, piano music and literature have each, in their own way, influenced my work.”


Anne Jordan Designer / Rochester, NY   “I make most of my book cover images by constructing tactile objects or three-dimensional setups and then photographing or scanning them.”


Skip Hursh Motion graphics / Brooklyn, NY   “Animated GIF art serves as a testing ground for all the work I do.”


Grilli Type Type Foundry / Zurich, Switzerland   


Violaine & Jérémy Design firm / Paris, France   “Money never drives our choices. We always choose a project for its artistic potential.”


Art & Mechanical Design firm / Toronto, Ontario   Ad industry vets David Adams and Adam Zolis launch a new design firm in Toronto.


Silvano Zeiter Photographer / Zurich, Switzerland   One of the most creative young imagemakers, with work appearing regularly in snowboard magazines and ads for clients like ... more