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Kyle Jackson Photographer / Los Angeles, CA   “Romanticized portraiture meets captivating narratives. Stories are what inspire me.”


Tony DiMauro Illustrator / Indiana, Pennsylvania   “My work tends to have a monochromatic, gloomy quality. The grit and intensity of New York lends a darker, harsher ... more


Bella Howard Photographer / London, United Kingdom   “I’m a huge fan of Corinne Day ... she captured a period in time that transcends fashion photography.”


David Prosser Director / London, UK   “Being a city crammed with historical sediments simply drifting around it is incredibly inspiring.”


Cardon Webb Designer / New York City, NY   “I grew up skateboarding, playing in bands and writing on walls. I would like to think these influences are subtly apparent in my ... more


Melissa McFeeters Illustrator / Philadelphia, PA   “Tetris, Philadelphia history, Italian Renaissance art, mythology, Lane Smith (The Stinky Cheese Man era), ... more


Stahl R Design firm / Berlin, Germany   “Our studio is dynamic in scope and scale, strengthened by a network of talented creatives from all disciplines.”


Kevin Stanton Illustrator / Leesburg, Virginia   “Lettering, gaming, patterns, cultures, food, photography, mythology and fashion, and always the natural world.”


Peter Hoffman Photographer / Chicago, Illinois   “You only live once and I’m doing my best not to gloss over anything, especially if it’s in my picture.”


Jordan Bruner Animation / Brooklyn, NY   “Highbrow and lowbrow films, TV series and performances, listening to sweet jams, traveling around, doodling, reading philosophy ... more


Jessica Svendsen Designer / Brooklyn, NY   “I like the idea of creating defamiliarizing work that’s impossible to replicate.”


Travis Magee Photographer / Brooklyn, NY   “I was a professional modern/contemporary dancer in New York for almost ten years. I was trained to tell an honest story with ... more


Cibo Ad agency / San Francisco, CA   “Cibo is a diverse group of artists, musicians, filmmakers, anthropologists, engineers... we even have a resident sommelier.”


Riley Cran Designer / Vancouver, BC   “Logic is a very powerful tool. If I expect a client to adopt a solution of mine, I make sure I am equally convinced.”


Shauna Lynn Panczyszyn Illustrator / Orlando, Florida   “Work hard, stay humble and make beautiful things that make people happy.”