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Chad Roberts Design Design firm / Toronto, Ontario, Canada   “Our studio is a small brightly lit loft that acts as our portfolio. When clients visit, we surround them with ... more


Brave the Woods Illustrator / Austin, Texas   “Always experiment and play. This is especially important when I don't have client projects. I only get better with ... more


Mattia Balsamini Photographer / Venice, Italy   “I’m attracted to scenes of manual work and craftsmanship, a world I've experienced since childhood.”


Olimpia Zagnoli Illustrator / Milan, Italy   “Italian design, French movies, Picasso’s drawings, psychedelic fabric, Art Deco architecture and glam rock. I try to keep all ... more


Might & Main Design firm / Portland, Maine   “Our location in a historic city on the Maine coast lends an air of understatement, careful craft and New England practicality ... more


Kyle Araujo Photographer / Johannesburg, South Africa   “I want my pictures to radiate with a bright and colorful vitality.”


Typetanic Type Foundry / New York, NY   “Searching through thousands of fonts and not finding what I was picturing, I decided I really should just learn how to design my ... more


Teagan White Illustrator / St. Paul, Minnesota   “My desk faces a window through which I can nearly always see a squirrel, catbird, woodchuck, wren or robin.”


Hired Guns Design firm / Nanaimo, British Columbia   “Great design sells more alcohol.”


Ping Zhu Illustrator / Brooklyn, New York   “To feel like I was part of a community was more rewarding than being able to find work, which came later on.”


Carmen Troesser Photographer / St. Charles, Missouri   “My influences include Dutch masters, Sally Mann and the South.”


Malika Favre Illustrator / London, United Kingdom   “I like anything that has an effortless beauty ... from watercolor fashion drawings to a Dieter Rams radio.”


Mash Creative Design firm / London, United Kingdom   “When in doubt, simplify!”


Dave Foster Designer / Sydney, Australia   “This poem describes the true story of how Thornleigh, a suburb of Sydney, got its name.”


Nadya Wasylko Photographer / New York, NY   “From the beauty story ‘In Living Color,’ published by online magazine LINE-A Journal.”