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Gavin Potenza Illustrator / Brooklyn, New York   “Books are my biggest influence. They have this forever quality, and only get better with age.”


Pui Yan Fong Illustrator / Toronto, Canada   “Read a lot. Make lists to organize your thoughts.”


Studio MPLS Design firm / Minneapolis, MN   “We have worked hard to create a work space that encourages collaboration between all of us.”


Jon Han Illustrator / Brooklyn, New York   “Right now I'm influenced by unconventional beauty and the reasons why we’re drawn to such things.”


We Are The Rhoads Photographer / Seattle, Washington   “The physical world is the mind of God.”


Alex Fowkes Designer / London, United Kingdom   “Working in a skate shop in my teens and seeing T-shirt graphics and board graphics influenced me heavily.”


Jensine Eckwall Illustrator / Brooklyn, NY   “‘Make art that you are embarrassed about.’ My former professor Joo Chung says this, in so many words.”


Roy Margaliot Illustrator / Jerusalem, Israel   “I try not to work from my ego, but instead aspire to be a portal to something bigger than myself.”


Simon Walker Designer / Austin, Texas   “Put others first.”


Antonio Rodrigues, Jr. Illustrator / Brasilia, Brazil   “Music and architecture are my sources of inspiration. Both have rhythm and structure, and both can tell a story ... more


Nick Frank Photographer / Munich, Germany   “Composing images is all about reducing until you can see the essence of what I want to show.”


Cristian Grossi Illustrator / Salsomaggiore Terme, Italy   “The hills, lakes and wildlife of Italy have formed and infused my work.”


McFadden & Thorpe Design firm / San Francisco, CA   “Our goal is ... an easy and productive relationship, which feels collaborative and true.”


Andy Wakeman Photographer / Traverse City, Michigan   “Dig deep, it should be really hard. If it’s not, I don't trust it.”


MCKL Type Foundry / Minneapolis, MN   “I want to make fonts that solve problems, and that designers will find useful.”