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“When I was on my second Brittany Spears cover, I knew I was done.”

After designing for Rolling Stone and theatre, Gail Anderson is building her vocabulary once again.


Hard Hat Calligraphy Nicholas Benson, a third-generation stone carver, designs rock-solid memorials with typographic finesse.


Beyond the Printed Image Ann Street Studio explains why Cinemagraphs offer lasting advertising appeal in the real world.


Hitting It on the Nose It’s hard to design creative solutions, but Seymour Chwast hits it on the nose with inspiration and moxie.


Visualizing Journalism’s Future How will data and cutting-edge technology influence the future of journalism? Graham Roberts shares his take.


Illustrating Weird Infographics Illustrator Chris Philpot reveals how he infuses his “weird infographics” with just the right amount of tactful humor.


Luxury, Rebranded When working with global luxury brands, Andreas Neophytou finds critical theory to be a useful tool.


Making Stories that Pop Colin Nagy reveals how today’s content producers can look to the world of journalism for lessons.


Designing Is Planning Designer-writer Frank Chimero shares how writing helps him design, and vice versa.


Typography in the Wild Designer Jeremiah Shoaf discusses the surprising money to be made in freelancing and his favorites typefaces.


A Lonely Craftsman Illustrator Matt Duffin talks about the challenges of marketing and the beauty of late afternoon colors.


Designing like a Boss Base New York partner Min Lew reveals how designing prepared her to manage a firm.


Composing a Mood Connor Moore reveals why brands should consider sound design and who’s already doing it well.


Capturing a Singular Vision Photographer Mark Katzman stresses the importance of capturing your singular vision.


The Sociology of Branding Ana Andjelic imparts her wisdom of brand sociology and the future of luxury brands in the sharing economy.


Leading by Example Su Mathews Hale advocates for women’s under-publicized work in design.