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Beyond the Literal Photojournalist Nadia Shira Cohen discusses storytelling and the nature of truth in her work.


Purity of Message Aldo Cundari, Chairman and CEO of Cundari Group Ltd., explains the process and value of branding geographical locations.


The Seventh Art Yvette Piñeyro, founder of New York post-production house /Wildchild/ Editorial, describes the magic of editing.


A Scientific Approach Keith Ciampa, chief creative officer at Cibo, reveals insights gleaned from social and cognitive science.


Western Light San Francisco-based photographer Erin Kunkel prioritizes a strong point of view and a cohesive style.


Passageways to Information Liz Danzico, chair and co-founder of the MFA interaction design program at SVA, discusses her new role as NPR’s creative ... more


Practice and Patience Type designer Ken Barber of House Industries is inspired by the craftsmanship of mid-twentieth century designers.


Feeding My Brain Pam Fujimoto, executive creative director of WONGDOODY Los Angeles, is pleased to see the return of romance in advertising.


CGI and Common Sense Richard Lyons, senior VFX artist at The Mill NY relies on common sense and communication as well as high-tech tools.


Inventive and Spontaneous Illustrator Doug Chayka loves the pressure to invent and evolve that comes with editorial work.


Fearless Collaboration Short-form storytellers William Campbell and Will Johnson of Gentleman Scholar thrive on competition.


The Bizarre World of Consumption Illustrator and educator Kate Bingaman-Burt is fascinated by what we buy, and why.


Love and Live What You Do Washington, DC-based designer and writer John Foster has built his dream career by working hard, staying flexible and ... more


Doing Things Authentically Type designer Ksenya Samarskaya discusses the joy of creating typefaces with structural challenges to overcome.


Stillness and Motion Photographer and filmmaker Erica Shires says that photographers need to work in both still and motion formats to stay relevant.