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Neck Deep in Smart People Mike Woods comments on the lost impetus of Vimeo, the Galaxy Nexus he doesn’t own yet, and why he couldn’t live without ... more


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Creative Trance-like States Rob Schapiro discusses the screenplay he’s writing, why he’d like to write an ad for stem cell technology, and the people ... more


Expanding The Definition Fritz Klaetke discusses the amazing art program at his public high school, the mediocrity of Microsoft, and the impact of ... more


Inspiration and A Light Meter Neil Mota comments on his visual imagination, the gift of seeing the world through a child’s eyes, and how everything ... more


Living in A Film Set James Razzall comments on Sefan Sagmeister’s sabatticals, working hard but keeping a busy social life, and remembering that every ... more


A Scribble on A Scrap of Paper Christopher Nielsen comments on thinking with a pencil in his hand, waiting for a second call from Rolling Stone ... more


Creation or Collection Joe Baratelli comments on the film directors he’d like to collaborate with, the amount of time he spends consumed by fine art, ... more


Taking Smart Chances Matt Schwartz comments on his unusual-for-a-creative choice of a second profession, buying frozen sliced ribeye from QVC, and why a ... more


From Predictable and Hackneyed to Utterly Inspired Timothy Archibald comments on the project that had him peering into people’s personal lives, the ... more


Little Nuggets of Inspiration Matt Roeser discusses his obsession with the TV show Lost, why he thinks aliens are responsible for the ... more


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Especially Long Swedish Summer Holidays Jesper Ericstam comments on rewriting his personal history, his favorite Christmas present every year and the ... more