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Keep Calm and Master The Universe Creative director Amod Dani dreams of comic-book superheroes and manifests calm in a sea of Crazy.


The Perfect State of Creative Bliss Designer Jessica Walsh reveals her greatest influences: psychology, astronomy and some really good mentors.


Visual Storytelling, Unlimited Director and VFX artist Doug Purver shares the most promising tools and important skills needed for today's digital ... more


Moving Parts Come Together CGI and VFX animation supervisor Andy Hall finds fuel in the collaborative process born from a great brief.


Bobbing the Waves Illustrator Mick Wiggins gracefully rides the recession, "graphic-satiation" and other industry challenges.


I'm Not Pretending Creative director Brian Bowman on why he composes silly, happy techno, sets his priorities in stone and trusts that the shitty things ... more


Solve the Right Problem Creative Director Carolyn Hadlock discusses Warren Buffet, pushing beyond the brief, and the multiple personalities of a ... more


Draw Outside the Lines Designer Brent Couchman notes the bizarre pairing of faux-3D graphics with sports and that great design usually means tons of ... more


Resist The Easy Route Creative director Tripp Westbrook muses on the fragility of great ideas and finding creative clarity in the twilight.


Learning on the Curve Agency creative lead Jennifer Kesler explores the magical universe of a designer's brain—expanding with creativity into all she ... more


Respect Yourself Before Opportunity Creative Director Stephen Niedzwiecki discusses Triumph, separating work and family time, and what you can learn ... more


Production Director
Jonathan Shipman
Jonathan Shipman discusses the endless possibilities of cooking, how he divides creative energy and ... more


Interactive Designer
Jay David
Jay David discusses the complexities of his profession, challenging routine, and how research results in the best ... more


Kristy Caldwell
Kristy Caldwell comments on the best way to sell your work, her first time being published as author/illustrator, ... more


Creative Directors
Silverglate & Anderson
Isaac Silverglate and Jeff Anderson comment on creative genius, life (or not) outside of work, and a ... more