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Surrounded by Brilliant Minds Brett Bagenstose discusses the imagination and lunacy of developers, the soul he bid on on eBay and why he thinks he ... more


Swept to Within A Few Feet of An Enormous Cliff Matthew Turley comments on the non-sanctity of images, the self-awareness engendered by travel and why ... more


Thinking in Three Dimensions Greg Chinn discusses his crazy work environment, his wife’s relationship to Lester Beall, and why he’s sure that being a ... more


Talking a Good Game Chris Koehler talks about an illustration he did of a samurai cutting up a giant sandwich and not beginning a drawing until an idea ... more


Between Creativity and Luck Jim Haven comments on Banksy, the perfect presentation required of fly fishermen, and how he feels about coffee.


Looming, Unfinished Problems Josh Fehr discusses how design can take technology beyond its original intention, having a life outside of work, and the ... more


Get Dirty, Enjoy Life and Give It Everything You Have Cameron Davidson comments on the importance of mentors, his eclectic taste in music and needing a ... more


Passion and Absolute Commitment Jack Anderson discusses how “great design” informs and persuades, the power and potency of teams, and always having ... more


Long Airplane Flights and Tight Deadlines Timothy Goodman comments on scribbling in notebooks, turning around when creative blocks hit, and the ... more


As Awesome As It Sounds Mike Caguin discusses long-term happiness, Chuck Porter, and treating each other with respect.


A Hammer And Shovel or A Mouse And Keyboard Michelle Ducayet comments on the complexity of simplicity, the creativity of science, and the visual appeal ... more


Dust on The Frame Palani Mohan comments on photography as a selfish pursuit, the windows that are a source of inspiration and how most of the people ... more


A Multiplex Called Home Alex Weil discusses the influence of design, his vision of a “simple” film and the relationship between rent and the generation ... more


Working Like A Sharecropper Ryan Martindale explains his skepticism about balance, why he'd like to try “selling” salt and the magic booth he discovered ... more


A Striking Design. Kept Alive Long Enough to Grow. James Merrill discusses penguins, the challenge of bonsai, and why it never hurts to approach ... more