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Pages and Pages of Tiny Thumbnail Sketches Patrick Leger comments on being flexible, the artists who have helped shape his approach, and doing work ... more


A Quote and A Lecture in One Eva Polis discusses ads for lipstick, the uncensored thoughts of Karl Lagerfeld and the blender that will puree just about ... more


Longevity Matters Hannah Henry comments on the whitespace of Google, being fascinated by the effects of screen media on our brains and why the old rules ... more


Flashes of Genius David Prior discusses the value of early morning, his new-found perspective and why it’s difficult to nail-down his strangest ... more


Balance Is Good Matthew Clark discusses the weeping that comes with a creative block, living vicariously through his wife‘s career and how his children ... more


No Baggage and A Fresh Perspective Jackie Hahn comments on why she’s not a vet, the fun of doing blind contour drawings and the studio/boutique she’d ... more


Long Walks through City Streets Greg Smith comments on Bruce Springsteen’s music videos, the lost art of headline-writing and the broken-ness of the US ... more


Accepting The Random Nature of Things Neil Voss discusses Amazon’s horrible piled-on UX, creative minds that aren’t blindly influenced by trends or ... more


Appreciating A Different Approach to Life Trevor Dixon discusses working hard at photography, a quiet moment with Mr. T and looking inward for ideas.


Every Gesture Counts Jett Butler discusses making noise with his friends, why he’s consistently inspired by Michael C. Place and why “dream” projects ... more


Don't Stop Punching Ross MacDonald discusses the “real” reason he got his first illustration job; and why sometimes it's necessary to keep drawing until ... more


The Electricity of A Truly Magical Experience Steve Coulson comments on shooting Infrared, why all small agencies should install a communal sauna and ... more


Neck Deep in Smart People Mike Woods comments on the lost impetus of Vimeo, the Galaxy Nexus he doesn’t own yet, and why he couldn’t live without ... more


A Convergence of Circumstance Photographer RJ Muna discusses a photoshoot for the Saturn EV-1, the quote that makes him smile, and what a roomful of ... more


Seeing Music Sergio Alcocer discusses his world-class vinyl collection, the time he had to design an obituary for someone who was still alive and why he ... more