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Keith Graves
Keith Graves discusses his definition of a successful day, the drawing that got him “sent to the office” in grade ... more


Art Director
Barb Williams
Barb Williams discusses shifting gears, the one item more important than her iPhone and why, in her mind, Anthony ... more


Type Designer
Dr. Shelley Gruendler
Dr. Shelley Gruendler comments on typographic community, her desire to redesign Girls Scouts badges, and the ... more


Adrian Mueller
Adrian Mueller comments on culinary experiences, the wit of Albert Einstein and soccer as a creative pursuit.


Patrik Svensson
Patrik Svensson discusses Winnie the Pooh, the stories in his drawings and the origin of his Prince Hat ... more


Brand Director
Gary Nelson
Gary Nelson comments on one of the greatest creative minds of our time, designing shoes and doing work that doesn’t ... more


Happily Looking at Type Tiffany Wardle discusses math, the typefaces of Dwell magazine and the time she was asked to copy someone else’s work.


Part Science, Part Art Tim Tadder comments on curbing comments, gratuitous travel and the creative lock-up that occurs when his brain is overloaded.


From The Truth Sara Rotman discusses her ass-in-the-chair approach to overcoming creative blocks, the time she was asked to produce another person’s ... more


Creativity Lives Everywhere Linda Zacks discusses bullet-proof egos, the rush of working in a newsroom, and why too many ideas are just as bad as none.


Nothing Comes Easy Chris Robb comments on his choice to jump the big-agency ship, never doing anything just for the money, and how Apple’s products ... more


Collaboration, Experimentation and Iteration Mark Moskal comments on the richly woven campaigns of Burberry, the idea of living a musician’s life, and ... more


The Universe Rewards Action Dave Moser discusses the diversity of Nadav Kander, the Jeffrey Lewis song “Time Trades” and a series of portraits he’s ... more


A Mix That's As Organic As Possible Katie Kirk discusses the ideas that result from mixture of reality, imagination and the web, learning to do better ... more


Sitting on A Bench with A Sketchbook Denise Gallagher comments on her experience with crowdsourcing, ideas that come from quiet, and the idea of ... more