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2009 Advertising Annual
 :: CANAL+ Cinema
CANAL+ Cinema
Featured in:
2009 Advertising Annual
"Mobster/Head Flick" :45
(Open on a young Mafioso being summoned by a Godfather. He has a tick and keeps flicking his head back. The henchmen who search him, the Godfather and his daughter all have the same tick)
Godfather: (tick) I asked you to keep watch over my daughter…
Mafioso: (tick) Yeah, I know but…
Godfather: (tick) One, I see you took good care of her…
(Shot of his heavily pregnant daughter)
Godfather: (tick) Two, so now you're getting married.
(Cut to two college students)
Student 1: …and three?
Student 2: (his hair in his eyes, flicks it back, we recognize the same tick that all the characters have) …and three, I know that you work for the police!
Logo: CANAL+ movies are made to be seen.

"Death to the Queen" :45
(Open on a period film set in the Chateau de Versailles where the characters are all bizarrely huffing and puffing through their lines)
Marquis: fhh fhh
Queen: So marquis fhh fhh
Marquis: Majesty fhh fhh
Queen: Did you meet fhh fhh this princess of Orleans?
Marquis: Fhh fhh yes majesty fhh fhh
Queen: Is she fhh fhh as beautiful as they say fhh fhh?
Painter: (painting a portrait of the queen) Majesty fhh fhh you have moved again…
Marquis: Fhh fhh the princess is indeed fhh fhh marvelous fhh fhh
Queen: Really fhh fhh?
Revolution Woman: Fhh fhh
Guard: Fhh fhh
Revolution Woman: Fhh fhh
Queen: Fhh fhh
Marquis: Fhh fhh flee majesty fhh fhh
Queen: Fhh fhh
Queen on balcony: Fhh fhh
Crowds of people: Fhh fhh
(Cut to current day and two women jogging)
Jogger Brunette: Fhh fhh
Jogger Blond: …and then what happened?
Jogger Brunette: Fhh fhh everybody shouted fhh fhh death to the Queen fhh fhh death to the Queen!
Logo: CANAL+ movies are made to be seen
Francis de Ligt
, art director
Nathalie Dupont
, writer
Stéphane Xiberras, executive creative director
Xavier Gianolli
, director
David Green, producer
Irene, production company
BETC Euro RSCG, ad agency
CANAL+, client

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