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2009 Advertising Annual
 :: Hulu
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2009 Advertising Annual
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"Alec in Huluwood" :60
(Fade in on a dramatic aerial shot swooping down toward the white H on the Hollywood sign. Standing at the foot of the big H is a smiling Alec Baldwin)
Alec: (to the camera): Hello Earth. I'm Alec Baldwin.
(Alec hits a button on the H and a secret door wooshes open leading to an elevator)
SFX: Whirrr of rapidly-descending elevator.
Alec: You know, it's been said that television will rot your brain. (chuckling) That's absurd. So to take it the rest of the way…we've created "Hulu."
(Cut to a shot of the Hulu logo on a big screen. Dozens of hit shows playing on small screens)
Alec: Hulu beams TV directly to your "portable computing devices." Giving you more of the cerebral-gelatinizing shows you want. Anytime. Free.
(Alec gestures toward a side room that contains a male human subject staring, transfixed, at a computer screen)
Man: Heh-heh, heh-heh….
(Cut to a computer screen that shows a heat scan of the man's brain. It's glowing red. Cut to Alec)
Alec: Mmmmm…Mushy mush. Best part is there's no way you can stop it. I mean what are you going to do? Turn off your TV and your computer? (hearty laugh) Once your brains are reduced to a cottage cheese-like mush, we'll scoop them out with a melon baller and gobble them right on up. Oops, I think I'm drooling.
(As drool appears on his lower lip, a scaly, alien tentacle suddenly reaches up from behind Alec and plucks a handkerchief out of his breast pocket. It gently dabs the drool from Alec's mouth)
Alec: Because, we're aliens...and that's how we roll.
Logo + Super + (VO): Hulu. An evil plot to destroy the world. Enjoy.

"Seth's Giggity Goo" :60
(Open on a dramatic aerial shot swooping down toward a studio building in Los Angeles. Seth MacFarlane sits in his office)
Seth: (to the camera) Greetings, earth friends. I'm Seth MacFarlane. The next time someone says "TV rots your brain," laugh. Laugh hard.
(Cut to a digital artist animating an image of Stewie on a computer screen)
Seth: (as Stewie) That laughter will force our televised intoxicants deep into your cerebellum, slowly rotting it into a quivering blob of tapioca.
(As he speaks, he effortlessly switches back and forth between character voices)
Seth: (suddenly Peter) Yeah and to finish it off we've got Hulu. Hulu blasts enough free TV to your lappity-toppity boxes to turn your chunky grey matter into creamy goo matter.
(Close up of the security guard watching an episode of Family Guy on his laptop)
Man: (laughing) (Peter Griffin voice).
Seth: (laughing) Mmmm giggity. Giggity, giggity, goo.
(Seth stares hungrily at the man, then grabs a candy and places it in his mouth. He lifts up his T-shirt exposing a small, alien mouth embedded in his stomach. Alien mouth spits the candy on the desk)
Seth: Because we're aliens…
Seth's Stomach Mouth: …and that's our gig.
Alec Baldwin (VO) and Super: Hulu. An evil plot to destroy the world. Enjoy.

"The Leary Mission" :60
(Open on Denis Leary on the set of Rescue Me.
Denis: Your parents were right. Your teachers were right. Even that creepy scoutmaster in the tight brown shorts was right. TV is slowly rotting your brain into a slimy, gooey, mushy blob of pudding . And there's nothing you can do about it. See? I just told you what's happening and you're still watching TV. Amazing. But this whole "slowly" part is gettin' to be a real problem. Well guess what?—Hu-Lu. We built Hulu to pump hours of free TV right to the one screen you drag around everywhere. So, I need you to take your stubby little human fingers and hit this button on Hulu.
(He moves the limp hand of an assistant to the "embed" button on the Hulu interface)
Denis: Then you can share those TV shows in your bliggity blogs, your Facey Spaces and your Tweety pages. For all your bookworm-y, anti-boob-tube-y friends. See, here's the deal…. help us churn their finely-cultured skull beef down into the aforementioned pudding—and we'll slurp out yours… last. Because we're aliens. And you ain't soup yet.
Alec Baldwin (VO) and Super: Hulu. An evil plot to destroy the world. Enjoy.
DJ Pierce, art director
Justin Ebert/Tim Roper, writers
Tim Roper, creative director
Andrew Keller/Rob Reilly, executive creative directors
Ian Mackenzie, editor
Charlotte Arnold, assistant editor
Mackenzie Cutler, editorial company
Motive, music company
Sam Casa, sound designer
Lime Studios, sound design
Wenson Ho, visual effects artist
CO3/Billy Gabor, colorists
David Jones, stylist
Cara Farnsworth/Fern Martin, producers
Naomi Yoshii, integrated producer
Chad Hopenwasser/Bill Meadows, senior integrated producers
Matt Bonin, executive integrated producer
Jeffrey Frankel/Susan Kirson/Jessica Locke/Robert Owens, executive producers
David Rolfe, executive director of production
Pony Show Entertainment, production company
Method Studios, post-production company
Crispin Porter + Bogusky, ad agency
Hulu, client

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