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2009 Advertising Annual
 :: MTV
Featured in:
2009 Advertising Annual
“Airport” :30
(Open on an elderly couple preparing to go through the security checkpoint at an airport)
Guard: Boarding passes out.
Old Man: (complaining) I don’t even understand why I took this.
(The old man starts to dump his bag into a bin)
Guard: Sir, you don’t need to dump that out.
Old Man: No?
Guard: No… (he then speaks to the old woman) Ma ‘am, you’re going to have to take your shoes off.
Old Woman: My shoes off?
Guard: Yes Ma ‘am.
(The old man begins to remove his shirt)
Guard: Sir, not your shirt. We don’t need... just your belt. Take off your belt.
Old Woman: You want me to take off my shirt?
Guard: No Ma ‘am. No.
Old Woman: My shirt?
Guard: Your shoes Ma ‘am.
Old Woman: My, I…I wish you would make up your mind.
Guard: Take off your shoes.
Old Man: He just told me to take my shirt off.
(Cut to black)
Super: Old people outvote young people 2 to 1.
Super: Just sayin’
Super: Choose or Lose Logo. MTV logo
Old Man (VO): Place is run by a bunch of jackasses.
Hunter Fine/
Armando Flores
Sara Worthington
, art directors
Scott Bell
/Bee Reynolds, writers
Jeff Bitsack
, executive creative director
Harvey Marco/Ty Montague, JWT North America, chief creative officers
Eric Lindley
, Hungry Man, director of photography
Patrick Griffin, Hungry Man, editor
Luke Mcintosh
, Hungry Man, assistant editor
Andy Green, sound design
Bryan Buckley, Hungry Man, director
Mino Jarjoura, Hungry Man, line producer
Owen Katz
, agency producer/post production producer
Cindy Becker, Hungry Man/Kevin Byrne, Hungry Man/Dan Duffy, Hungry Man, executive producers
JWT New York, ad agency
MTV, client

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