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2009 Advertising Annual
 :: NGK "Art of Fast"
NGK "Art of Fast"
Featured in:
2009 Advertising Annual
"Art of Fast" :30
Cameraman (VO): This is my neighbor's house. We're going to sneak this NGK spark plug into his leaf blower.
Prankster 1: He's coming! Let's go!
Cameraman (VO): Hurry up! Get back here!
Prankster 2: Got the spark plug in...We're all set. Always wear your safety glasses, kids!
(Man starts up leaf blower and is immediately blown into the air)
Pranksters: Whoa!!!
Cameraman (VO): Let's go right now!
Super: Better Plugs. More Power. You've Been NGK'd
Dan Magdich
, Engauge, art director
Jason Bergeron, Engauge, creative director
Mike Bendar
, Engauge, chief creative officer
J. Frink
, Animal, editor
Market Street Sound
, music company
Rob Deaner
, Market Street Sound, sound design
Steve Hoover
, Animal/
Danny Yourd
, Animal, directors
Matt Haritan
, Engauge, broadcast producer
Allan Stallard
, Animal, visual effects producer
, production company
, ad agency
Mike Schwab
, NGK, client

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