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2009 Advertising Annual
 :: Mr. Sub
Mr. Sub
Featured in:
2009 Advertising Annual

"RDO-TUVT" :30
Anncr.: By the time Mr. Sub got a delivery number, most of the catchy ones were gone. We wanted our number to spell, 416-Great Sub. But, the only number left spelled 416–RDO-TUVT. That's right, RDO-TUVT.
Singer: 416–RDO-TUVT! Mr. Sub Delivery!!
Backup Singers: (belting it out) That's 736-8888 or RDO-TUVT, don't hesitate!!
Anncr.: Call 736-8888 or…
Singer: RDO-TUVT!!
Aaron Starkman, writer
Stephen Leps/Aaron Starkman, creative directors
Martin Beauvais, executive creative director
Steve MacKinnon, music composer
RMW, music company
Tyson Kuteyi, sound engineer
Ted Rosnick, director
zig, ad agency
Mr. Sub, client