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2009 Advertising Annual
 :: IKEA
Featured in:
2009 Advertising Annual
"Dubbed Husband" :30
(Open on a woman at home admiring her new IKEA kitchen. As she does this, her husband comes home from work. He is angry and ranting about his bad day. His complaining annoys her, but as he enters the kitchen, her perception of him changes, skewing his real voice into the suave and sexy man of her dreams)
Man: (before he enters the kitchen) Honey, you wouldn't believe the day I had today! I hate my job! I hate my boss! And I…
Man: (after he enters the kitchen) …hate boring you with this. You don't deserve that. No! I am making dinner. Tonight, is about quality time. You lie back and let me take care of you. I am going to make you feel like a woman again.
Super: Everything seems better in an IKEA kitchen.
Logo: IKEA Love your home.
Niall Kelly, art director
Michael Clowater, writer
Martin Beauvais, executive creative director
Aaron Dark, editor
School, editorial company
RMW, music company
Tyson Kuteyi, sound design
Jun Diaz/Ted Rosnick, RMW, directors
Melanie Lambertson
, agency producer
Soft Citizen, production company
zig, ad agency
IKEA Canada, client

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