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2009 Advertising Annual
 :: Environmental Defense Fund and Ad Council
Environmental Defense Fund and Ad Council
Featured in:
2009 Advertising Annual

"Everyone talks about global warming, but no one stops to think about the ordinary, everyday things one can do to prevent it. Together with the Ad Council, we urged people to take advantage of mass transit instead of just hopping in a cab. This emotional PSA marries New York street art—made of recyclable plastic bags—with a message reminding us of the little things we can do to benefit the environment."

"Polar Bears" 1:10
(Open on two plastic bags looking like mother polar bear and baby. As the subway train passes underneath, the air rises through the grate and inflates to two polar bears. As the train passes the figures deflate and fall flat on the grate)
Super: Help Save the Planet. Ride, Don't Drive.

Dustin Duke/Jon Wagner, associate creative directors
Terry Finley/Chris Mitton, group creative directors
Chris Wall, chief creative officer
Bryan Newman, director of photography
Joshua Harris
, artist
Geoff Hounsell, editor
Lost Planet, editorial company
Stars of Lid
, music
Tim Godsall, director
Sarah Rinehimer
, project manager
Shawn Lacy/
John Messner
Holy Vega
, producers
Carrie Simon
, agency producer
Ogilvy & Mather New York, ad agency
Environmental Defense Fund and Ad Council
, client

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