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2009 Advertising Annual
 :: Audi
Featured in:
2009 Advertising Annual
"The Chase" :60
SFX: Music throughout.
(Open on a wide shot of a street in the 1970s. A man bursts through a window and runs toward a Mercedes parked at the curb. Cut to two villains getting into a car farther back on the block. Hero gets into the Mercedes. Villains chase the Mercedes down the street)
Super: Professional drivers. Do not attempt.
(Hero drives the Mercedes, turns the corner and slides into boxes piled at the curb. Cut to a shot of the Mercedes as it hits the boxes. Hero gets out of the car and runs away as the villains slide into the Mercedes and the curb. The cars crash. Cut to hero in a different outfit for 1980s running toward a red BMW. A man is standing next to it. Hero pushes him out of the way and gets into the BMW. Hero in the BMW drives down the street with the villains behind him. Cut to shot behind roller-skater's legs as BMW turns in front of her. BMW slides on wet pavement. Cut to hero jumping out of the car as BMW flies off the wall and through a billboard. Cut to hero rolling toward theater in 1990s. Cut to Lexus in front of theater. Hero passes it by and exits the scene. Cut to hero wearing a present day suit. Cut to Audi A6. Cut to hero running toward it and taking the keys from the valet. Hero gets in the car and drives off. Cut to two motorcycles chasing him. Cut to a car pulling out of a driveway, A6 avoids it. First motorcycle avoids it. Second motorcycle hits the car and flies over the car. Cut back to A6 driving fast around corners with motorcycle behind him. A6 takes a corner and motorcycle spins out and lays down. Close up of hero driving.
Super: Progress is Beautiful. Audi and the Supercharged A6 are here.
Crockett Jeffers, writer
Erich Pfeifer/Tom Scharpf, associate creative directors
Greg Bell/Paul Venables, chief creative officers
Jan Velicky, director of photography
Filip Malasek, editor
Robota, editorial company
The Rumor Mill
, music
740 Sound Design, sound design
Ivan Zacharias, director
Tim Masick, Telecine and visual effects director
Emily Moore, broadcast producer
Craig Allen, associate broadcast producer
Brian Carmody/
Scott Ganary
, executive producers
Smuggler, production company
The Mill, post production company
Venables Bell & Partners, ad agency
Audi of America, Inc.
, client

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