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2010 Design Annual
 :: Newport Beach Film Festival "10th of a Century" Opening
Newport Beach Film Festival "10th of a Century" Opening
Featured in:
2010 Design Annual
"10th of a Century" :30
"The opening for the 10th Annual Newport Beach Film Festival was designed and directed by Andy Hall to pay homage to more grandiose Hollywood Studio film openings. The computer-animated piece was created to have a look-and-feel reminiscent of epic stop-motion greats. Hidden throughout the open are nods to those studio logos interwoven with a dramatic story of flight and friendship."
Paulo de Almada, Elastic/Christopher Janney, Elastic/
Adam Newman
, Elastic, 3-D artists
Scott McDonald
, RPA, art director/creative director
David Smith, RPA, chief creative officer
, design/production company
Kael Alden
, Robot Repair, music composer
Douglas Darnell
, Robot Repair, sound designer
Ken Dahlinger
, Framework Sound, audio mixer
Andy Hall, Elastic, director
Kirk Shintani, Elastic/Max Ulichney, Elastic, visual effects supervisors
Patrick Murphy, Elastic, Telecine colorist
Jenny Bright
, Elastic, producer
Douglas Darnell
, Robot Repair/
Jennifer Sofio Hall
, Elastic, executive producers
Gary Paticoff, RPA, executive agency producer
RPA, ad agency
Todd Quartararo
, Newport Beach Film Festival, client

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