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2010 Design Annual
 :: Andy Warhol: love fear pleasure lust pain glamour death Exhibit
Andy Warhol: love fear pleasure lust pain glamour death Exhibit
Featured in:
2010 Design Annual
"For this exhibition of Andy Warhol photostrips, screen tests and Polaroids, we wanted to create a visceral experience. Mirrored vinyl, silver paper and an interactive photo wall complemented the raw, glamorous nature of the exhibition. In the last gallery of the exhibition was an old-school photo booth that visitors could use to take their own photostrips. The quote on the wall reads, 'I don't think art should be only for the select few. I think it should be for the mass of American people.' Over the course of the exhibition, Warhol's statement was gradually replaced by thousands of visitors' photographs."
Jeremy Bowen
, designer
Matthew Renton
, creative director
Marisa Sánchez
, curator
Seattle Art Museum, design/client

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