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2010 Advertising Annual
 :: Toyota Prius
Toyota Prius
Featured in:
2010 Advertising Annual
"Solar" :30
(Open on Prius parked on a desert landscape next to a parking meter. Cut to a shot of the bright colorful sun overhead, and see that it’s made of people. Cut to a tight shot of the sun’s reflection in Prius’ solar roof)
Anncr. (VO): What if we could use the sun—to help keep us cool?
(A river starts to form. People in costumes appear to create a shimmering oasis of trees, flowers, and lush plants around the Prius)
One of the trees grows up behind the Prius, casting a cool shade around the car. A shot of the solar roof reveals the tree blocking the sun entirely)
Anncr. (VO): Solar-powered to help cool.
(Pull out to reveal stunning overhead shot of the Prius)
Anncr. (VO): The 3rd Generation Prius with solar cooling. It’s harmony between man, nature and machine.
Logo/Tag: Welcome to Prius.

"Harmony" :30
SFX: Evocative music throughout.
(Open on the 3rd generation Prius driving down a road in beautiful snowy landscape. A rope is attached to the back of the Prius, but not what it's connected to. Then something magical begins to happen. As the Prius drives past, people that look like snow-covered rocks, suddenly sprout up into green plants. The rope tied to the back of the Prius is pulling the sun (made of people) behind it like a kite. The sun rises higher and higher into the air behind it, and the landscape is transformed from cold and barren, to green and full of life. Trees, flowers and plants made of people grow and blossom in Prius' wake.
Prius passes by a row of snow-covered people that rise up and form beautiful sunflowers. The world is now vibrant and beautiful)
Anncr. (VO) You get more power and more space.
(The Prius climbs a hill)
Anncr. (VO): The world gets fewer smog-forming emissions.
(Cut to a heroic beauty shot of Prius parked on the top of the hill, surrounded by a lush green world, and framed by the sun)
Logo/Tag: Welcome to Prius.
Anncr. (VO): The 3rd Generation Prius. It's harmony between man, nature and machine.

"MPG" :30
SFX: Evocative music throughout.
(Open on a beautiful field made of people in green costumes. They're holding up their hands, forming long rows of tall grass. The Prius whizzes by, causing the grass-people to bend and sway. From overhead, the Prius speeds down the road. Orange, red and yellow leaves are blown and scattered in its wake. Up close, the leaves are children dressed in red, yellow and orange costumes. As the vehicle passes, the children perform somersaults and cartwheels.
The Prius approaches an gas pump. It zips past, scattering tumbleweed people)
Anncr. (VO): It gives you up to 50 miles on a single gallon of gas.
(The Prius continues down the road, driving into a sunrise made of people)
It gives the world fewer emissions.
Logo/Tag: Welcome to Prius.
Anncr. (VO): The 3rd Generation Prius. It's harmony between man, nature and machine.
Tito Melega
, art director
Eric Burnett
/Simon Mainwaring, writers
Sean Farrell, associate creative director
Andrew Christou
, creative director
Mike McKay, executive creative director
Ryan Jacobs, design director
Avi Oron, editor
Petra Haden
, music
Lime Studios, audio mixer
Mr. Hide
, The Sweet Shop, director
Tanya LeSieur, integrated production director
Jennifer Pearse
, agency producer
Susan Rued Anderson
, The Sweet Shop/
Stephen Dickstein
, The Sweet Shop, production company producers
The Sweet Shop, production company
Brickyard VFX/
Perceptual Engineering
, visual effects companies
Saatchi & Saatchi Los Angeles, ad agency
Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc.
, client

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