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2010 Advertising Annual
 :: MTV
Featured in:
2010 Advertising Annual
"Bird" :60
(Open to a MTV logo statue in a kitchen)
Super: MTV Loss of Naivety.
(Cut to a 12-year-old nerdy boy with glasses spreading jam on his toast. Cut to a bird in a cage calling to him)
Bird: Heyy...hey
(The boy looks at the cage and shakes his head)
Bird: If you let me out of here, I can help you get rid of your glasses.
(Boy looks over at the cage and looks away)
Bird: I can also stop them from hitting you at school.
(The boy looks over again this time a little more interested in what the bird is saying)
Bird: And see that girl that you like, I can make her like you.
(The boy drops his toast and walks over to the cage, opens the cage door and grabs the bird)
Bird: Good ... well done …bring me to the light…that’s right. Closer... the first thing you need to know is...Loser!
(The bird flys out through a half-opened window as the boy realizes he’s been tricked. Cut to the kitchen with the MTV logo statue)
Super: if it’s Mtvish, we have it.
Agustina Anguita
Ezequiel Soules
, writers
Ramiro Raposo/Fernando Sosa, creative directors
José Mollá/Joaquín Mollá, chief creative officers
Valeria Chavez
, producer
Juan Manuel Menvielle, agency producer
Valeria Chavez
Avelino Rodríguez
, executive producers
The Lift, production company
, post production company
La Comunidad, ad agency
MTV, client

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