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2010 Advertising Annual
 :: Foundation Rwanda
Foundation Rwanda
Featured in:
2010 Advertising Annual
Flip the book from front to the back and see bullets change into pencils. Flip the book from back to front and see the portraits of children that need help. Give them books. Give them paper. Give them pencils. Give them shoes. Give them uniforms. Give them an education. Give them a chance. Give them a future. By donating.
"You can't erase the past. Help write a better future. The word, Rwanda, immediately brings to mind thoughts of war, destruction and genocide. With this flip book an image of war turns into an image of hope. It changes the viewer's perspective from the past to the future in the same way an education can change a child's future from despair to hope. The book is being distributed in multiple locations to raise awareness and donations for this important cause."
Buffy Torres
, print producer
Jeff Harter
, art director
David S. Cohen
, writer
Carl Warner
, executive creative director
Brad Kaye
, photographer
Tom Janousek
, retoucher
George Medland
, project manager
JWT Atlanta
, ad agency
Foundation Rwanda
, client

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