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2010 Advertising Annual
 :: Google
Featured in:
2010 Advertising Annual
"Chrome Speed Sound Waves" :30
"Since there is no benchmark for speed on the internet, we created one and called it 'Chrome fast.' To demonstrate how fast 'Chrome fast' really is, we tested the browser rendering speed against the speed of sound waves and filmed it live in slow motion without any CG effects. The result was an engaging way to visualize speed and proof that Google Chrome is undeniably fast."
Steve Peck, art director
Jared Elms, writer
Pelle Sjoenell/Calle Sjoenell/Robert Wong, Google Creative Lab, executive creative directors
Kevin Roddy, chief creative officer
Bob Partington, engineer
Charlie Johnston, editor
Lost Planet, editorial company
Joseph Fraioli, JafBox Sound, sound designer
Aaron Duffy, director
Michael Soloman, line producer
Orlee Tatarka, producer
Sam Penfield/Lisa Setten, executive producers
1st Avenue Machine, production company
BBH New York, ad agency
Google, client

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