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2010 Advertising Annual
 :: Heineken/Dos XX
Heineken/Dos XX
Featured in:
2010 Advertising Annual
"Snow Monkeys" :15
(Open on macaques bathing in a pool. Behind them, in the water, is the Most Interesting Man)
Anncr. (VO): He once challenged his own reflection to a staring contest. On the fourth day, he won.
(Cut to the Most Interesting Man)
Most Interesting Man: Stay thirsty, my friends.
Robert Cuff, writer
Andy Currie/Kevin Jordan, associate creative directors
David Weinstock, creative director
Conway Williamson, chief creative officer
Dan Fried, animation
Jeff Ferruzzo, Outside Editorial, editor
Steve Miller, director, production company
Euro RSCG New York, ad agency
Heineken USA, Dos Equis, client

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