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2010 Advertising Annual
 :: Adopt-Us-Kids (Ad Council)
Adopt-Us-Kids (Ad Council)
Featured in:
2010 Advertising Annual
"Lunch" :30
(Open on a dad running down a road by a school. His arms are outstretched, carrying a paper bag in each hand. He is sweating and breathing heavily. Cut to his two kids walking into the school, Dad calls out)
Dad: Mark...Anna.
(The kids stop and stare, allowing their father to catch up, hot, tired and out of breath. The dad hands his kids their respective lunch bags)
Dad: You forgot your lunch.
(The dad's breathing gets heavier. He grabs his daughter's lunch bag, dumps the contents onto the ground and starts breathing into the paper bag to prevent hyperventilating)
Anncr. (VO): You don't have to be perfect to be a perfect parent. Because kids in foster care don't need perfection. They need you.
Josh Combs
, art director
Mike Abell
, writer
Aaron Robnett
, creative director
Izzy DeBellis, executive creative director
Adam Beckman, director of photography
Aaron Langley
, editor
Cosmo Street Editorial, editorial company
Sound Lounge, sound design
Tom Jucarone, sound engineer
Sam Cadman, director
Tom Poole
, colorist
Kate Sutherland
, producer
Jenny Read, agency producer
Station Film, production company
Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal + Partners, ad agency
Adcouncil: Adopt-US-Kids
, client

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