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2010 Advertising Annual
 :: MINI
Featured in:
2010 Advertising Annual
"Man Boobs" :30
(Open on two guys driving in a MINI. The driver is taking corners and they're both having fun as they sway back and forth. The passenger is somewhat overweight)
SFX: Tires Squealing.
(The MINI pulls to a stop)
Heavy Guy: This thing really handles!
(They both look over at his man boobs, that are still jiggling from the drive. The driver looks away, uncomfortable)
Heavy Guy: I'm gonna get out and walk from here.
MINI logo and Super: Be Nimble.
MINI logo and super: Be MINI.

"Moustache" :15
(Open on a woman riding on a scooter. Suddenly, a moustache comes flying onto her face and sticks right where a moustache would go. Two eyebrows then fly onto her face, just above her real eyebrows, making them look extra thick. Cut to a MINI, where the passenger is pulling his head back in the window. He has no eyebrows and no moustache. He’s excited)
GUY: Wooooaaahahaha aaaaahhahaa yeaaah
MINI logo and super: Be Turbo. Be MINI.


"Car Seat"
(Open on a guy driving his MINI)
Driver: Oh! Time for Daddy to get some gas!
Guy (VO): Finally.
(The driver looks confused and turns around. A grown man is strapped into a child's car seat. The driver looks completely amazed)
Driver: (whispering, shocked) Billy?
MINI logo and super: Be Fuel Efficient.
MINI logo and super: Be MINI.
Mike Blanch, art director
Alanna Nathanson
, writer
Lance Martin, creative director
Griff Henderson, editor
Posterboy, editorial company
The Midways
, music company
Grayson Matthews/
Dave Sorbara
, sound design
Woods & Low, director
Bill Ferwerda
, Notch, colorist
Kevin Saffer
, producer
Harland Weiss, executive producer
Dwight Phipps, production company producer
AXYZ, post-production company
TAXI Canada, Toronto, ad agency
MINI Canada, client

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