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2011 Typography Annual
 :: 3D Alphabet
3D Alphabet
Featured in:
2011 Typography Annual
"This is my final project as a student in Shenkar College of Engineering and Design in Israel. Since type is usually seen as two dimensionally, the essence of my project was taking it to a new dimension where we can enjoy its capacity, and that way explore new ways of observing it as designers. The primary typeface used is 'Haim,' which is a Hebrew tyface designed in Warsaw by Jan Le Wit in 1929, and was influenced by the 'Bauhaus' ascola. The new 3-D face became a model of 'Bauhaus' structures, which every view of it is its 2-D weights, Front, Back, Left, Right and Up view."
Kobi Franco
, art director
Orly Dahbash
, designer/client

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